Daily Dialogue — March 6, 2013

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Frank: You’re a wonderful person, Kathleen.
Kathleen: So are you.
Frank: And I’m so honored that you would want to be with me because you would never be with anyone who wasn’t truly worthy.
Kathleen: I feel exactly the same way–
Frank: No, no, don’t say that. That makes it worse.
Kathleen: What/

She stares at him and it dawns on her.

Kathleen: You don’t love me. Me either.
Frank: You don’t love me?
Kathleen: No.
Frank: But we’re so right for each other.
Kathleen: I know. Is there someone else? Oh! That woman on television named Sydney Anne.
Frank: Nothing has happened or anything.
Kathleen: Is she a Republican?
Frank: I can’t help myself.

They laugh.

Frank: What about you? Is there someone else?

She thinks, then–

Kathleen: No. No. But… there is the dream of someone else.

You’ve Got Mail (1998), screenplay by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron, play by Miklós László

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is breakup, courtesy of a suggestion by Liri Nàvon. Today’s suggestion by @RamneekKaur496.

Trivia: Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is obsessed with The Godfather, and frequently uses dialogue from it to shape his philosophy on life. In the Coppola Restoration Godfather DVDs, Alec Baldwin claims that Hanks and Rob Reiner are both Godfather aficionados who have been known to host viewing parties where the attendees do drinking games and quote famous lines while watching the film.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Talk about playing against type! Breakups are supposed to vicious, hurtful and tearful. Here it’s played as a relief to the characters involved.

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