Great Character: Bridget Gregory (“The Last Seduction”)

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This month’s theme: Femme fatale. Today’s guest post by Jason Cuthbert features Bridget Gregory from the 1994 movie The Last Seduction, written by Steve Barancik.

Last Seduction

What kind of woman marries a drug dealer only to rob him and run off with $700,000? The answer is a frozen-hearted, self-indulgent femme fatale named Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) in the 2004 thriller The Last Seduction, directed by John Dahl (Rounders, You Kill Me). Screenwriter Steve Barancik made his Hollywood debut with deliciously dismissive dialogue that the ReelViews film critic James Berardinelli defined as “scintillating, often hilarious, and occasionally insightful.”

The Last Seduction plot summary from IMDB:

A devious sexpot steals her husband’s drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.

Whatever happened to Bridget Gregory that sculpted her seemingly sensual demeanor into a vicious “dick-tator” is hopefully not contagious. She is able to melt the morality out of any man that finds her remotely attractive. Bridget Gregory readily performs deceit, theft and murder with the same easy going grin as pouring an early morning cup of coffee.

BRIDGET GREGORY: I am a total fucking bitch.

There is practically an underlining hatred towards men, or at least all of the ones that are in her immediate peripheral vision.  Bridget acts out her own version of the “all men are dogs” stereotype, treating them as sexual objects, stepping stones to be stepped on and occasionally as cash cows waiting to be milked.

BRIDGET GREGORY: Look, go find yourself a nice little cowgirl and make nice little cow babies and leave me alone.

Miss Gregory might set you up for robberies and outrageous murder plots behind your back without your prior knowledge. But when it comes to letting you know exactly how little she thinks of you – the ridicule is always face-to-face.

BRIDGET GREGORY: You’re my designated fuck.
MIKE SWALE: Designated fuck? Do they make cards for that? What if I want to be more than your designated fuck?
BRIDGET GREGORY: Then I’ll designate someone else.

Her pensive, internal gaze gives off a whiff that there is retched foul play brewing under her brunette-colored thinking cap.  Those greasy wheels are constantly turning, working out the next scheme like fitness gym equipment. Even a nosy private detective is only a few cookies and a spiked block of wood away from becoming privately dismissed from duty.

You know that little nagging liberty bell in the back of your head that rings loudly until you feel like vomiting at the thought of your foolish notions of misconduct? Well Bridget Gregory doesn’t have that. If she were able to stoop any lower in the ethical department, she would need a ladder to reach Hell.

For her wicked verbal sparring, her brutal honesty even when she is lying and that ferocious vortex of antagonizing traps and escapes that would normally be called a brain – Bridget Gregory is without a doubt a really GREAT CHARACTER.

If you haven’t seen The Last Seduction, do yourself a really big favor: Watch it. Linda Fiorentino completely smokes this role, a stellar femme fatale. Beyond that it’s a terrific crime thriller.

Thanks to Jason for another great post. Join us in comments for your thoughts about this fine film.

2 thoughts on “Great Character: Bridget Gregory (“The Last Seduction”)

  1. George Speed says:

    What a wonderful, delicious bitch!
    I was dating a playboy centerfold from the 70’s and she turned me on to Bridget. I have never looked at a Bridget the same since.
    I think the original title was Buffalo Girls…. Great cast…
    I would love to read the script.
    Thanks guys for the trip down memory lane… wow

    1. A2Jason says:

      Thanks for reaching out George. Very glad you enjoyed it.

      Playboy centerfold? Very awesome :) Sounds like a movie!

      I’d love to read “The Last Seduction” script too…especially for Bridget’s dialogue.

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