Interview: Justin Kremer (2012 Black List)

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Kremer Clipped

No matter what other good things happen to screenwriter Justin Kremer, he will always have this fact as part of his personal history: His script “McCarthy” was the first one to generate enough interest in the new Black List script-hosting site to land the ‘new’ writer representation — with CAA and Madhouse Entertainment no less. The heat generated off that resulted in “McCarthy” circulating rapidly around Hollywood, leading to it making the 2012 Black List.

Here are links to the six installments of the entire interview:

Part 1: “I wrote my first script when I was 16 on Microsoft Word with no formatting, no margins. It was 80 pages and a disaster.”

Part 2: “It’s something that’s at the forefront of your mind because you want the audience to feel like they’re on one continuous journey as opposed to a disjointed narrative that’s all over the place.”

Part 3: “The first draft took about three months, and that was just spewing it all out on the page and seeing what I had.”

Part 4: “I’m glad that all of the representation stuff has been settled because I can finally get back to doing what I love – just getting in there writing.”

Part 5: “I’m more character driven, but to be able to pitch your idea in a really concise and concrete way is something that is unbelievably important.”

Part 6: “As long as you’re writing something that is representative of your voice and your experience, I think you can’t go wrong.”

Please stop by comments to thank Justin for taking the time for the interview and post any follow-up questions you may have.

Justin is repped by CAA and Madhouse Entertainment.

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  1. TheQuietAct says:

    Great interview Justin.
    Thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck in your career.

  2. dw says:

    Thanks Justin and Scott for this series. Best of luck with “McCarthy” Justin.

  3. Thank you both! Really appreciate it.

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