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March 16th, 2013 by

Welcome to another installment of Saturday Hot Links.

Today: The Goat Remix Edition!

Here is the best article I’ve read about the “Veronica Mars” Kickstarter initiative.

Joss Whedon on Kickstarter and “Firefly”.

8 short-lived TV shows that should used crowd-funding to make a movie.

25 amazing facts to keep you smiling all weekend.

Studios pushing movie releases earlier and earlier.

11 really bizarre world records.

Execs in 1982 blast Blade Runner as “deadly dull” and “confusing.”

The greatest books of all time as selected by 125 famous authors.

Proof: Babies can be jerks.

“Hogan’s Heroes” creators win back the rights, now looking at a movie.

Einstein’s design for a refrigerator to last 100 years.

SXSW: A game-changing year for an unpretentious, refreshing festival.

Aaron Swartz to receive posthumous freedom of information award.

Colin Tervorrow to helm Jurassic Park 4.

AEG no longer for sale.

80 wonderful Michael Caine quotes for his 80th birthday.

Michael Caine: 1o best performances.

RIP Google Reader — and some RSS alternatives.

The bright side of Google Reader’s demise.

What do hate groups think of Jennifer Lawrence.

24 Canadianisms way more interesting than ‘eh’.

“The Wire’s” greatest fashion moments.

Ricky Gervais hatches his own original content YouTube channel.

Match made in heaven: Twinkies and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

7 classic films rescued from obscurity.

7 terrifying sinkhole disasters.

7 movies that are cleverly disguised Shakespeare adaptations.

Google handing out $15M in cash bonuses to four top execs.

Box Office Battles: The 8 most crowded weekends of 2013.

Bob Dylan admitted to American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Warner Bros. claims Tolkien estate breached contract on The Hobbit.

The 10 best-selling celebrity perfumes.

Django Unchained set for China release.

25 badass ways to say no.

Fandango creates a movie buzz index.

Piles of unread Taylor Swift fan letters found in Nashville dumpster.

Iran suing Hollywood over Argo.

“Twin Peaks” cherry pie recipe.

10 movie characters and scenes built out of Legos.

How water defeated soda to become America’s number one drink.

Mickey returns to Mouse House in 2D shorts.

Chuck Wendig: How storytelling is like tantric sex.

How Cannes sacrificed tradition to land The Great Gatsby.

TROPFEST NY 2013: The worlds largest short film festival.

“Sherlock” to run for fourth season.

Indie gems to watch: The 19 best movies you didn’t see in 2012.

Conde Nast launches digital video network.

Steven Spielberg’s close encounter with Bollywood.

11 writers who really loved cats.

Search for America’s newest scriptwriter contest.

What it costs to win a congressional election.

“24” movie? Not happening.

Is this Emperor Palpatine’s ultrasound?

John August rethinks character motivation.

Ridley Scott developing episodic sci-fi web programming.

11 classic nicknames and people who hated them.

Theater owners celebrate victory over Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC soda ban.

Veteran financiers to build a new Hollywood studio.

Author of Michael Haneke Twitter account reveals himself.

Business Week: Disney’s big plans for Star Wars.

11 weird old-school plastic surgery techniques.

5 studios sign on for satellite movie delivery.

7 inspiring stories of stray dogs saving perfect strangers.

Sundance Channel picks up scripted series “The Descendants”.

11 crazy Bigfoot conspiracy theories.

How to make a good horror anthology movie.

Nielsen reports sharp growth in “zero TV” households.

The view from above our world .

Every lesbian/Bi TV character sorted into Hogwarts houses.

Jimi Hendrix set for highest-charting album in 44 years.

10 unhappy movie endings with overlooked positives.

Use divergent thinking to make big decisions.

The American people want to see shit blow up.

7 health benefits from playing video games.

Danny Boyle: There will be a Trainspotting sequel.

How to gain or lose 30 minutes of life every day.

Pixar post more Monsters University viral videos.

August 22, 1969: The Beatles final photo shoot.

5 tech-savvy tricks to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Hilarious photos of a sophisticated dog dressed in menswear.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week: You may think all you need to worry about as a screenwriter is your screenplay. Not so. Nowadays dealing with managers, agents, producers, studio execs, and talent, you must know how to handle multiple other types of story summaries. That’s why I created the 1-week class Story Summaries: From Loglines to Beat Sheets.

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I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Hot Links

  1. What think you, Scott, to John August’s comments on character motivation?

    1. Scott says:

      Sean, I agree. The whole “Want” and “Need” thing is a helpful place to start developing characters, in particular the Protagonist. But it’s just an opening and in most stories, there is a LOT going on with the psychological and emotional lives of main characters.

      Still Conscious Goal [Want] and Unconscious or Unexpressed Goal [Need] is a good starting point when dealing with a Protagonist, often representative of the beginning and ending points of their metamorphosis [if they do, indeed, go through some sort of change].

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