Daily Dialogue — May 26, 2013

May 26th, 2013 by

“Ramona. Ramona. On my mind. Ramona.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), screenplay by Michael Bacall & Edgar Wright, graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is original composition [song/poem], sugggested by churnage.

Trivia: Throughout the film when Scott faces an evil ex, a number corresponding to them appears:

Evil Ex 1 = Alpha symbol on his shoulders.
Evil Ex 2 = 2 on the trailer. 2 on the car. A small tattoo of 2 on his neck. His belt has two X’s, XX.
Evil Ex 3 = 3 on his shirt. Also 3 on the trash cans in the alley.
Evil Ex 4 = Number 4 on the night club door.
Evil Ex 5 & 6 = Amp system goes up to 11 (5+6).
Evil Ex 7 = When Scott goes to see Gideon it mentions it is level 7.

When Gideon makes his sword appear, all of the stats read “x7”. He also makes a reference to the gum he swallows to being in his digestive tract for 7 years. The final score after Scott defeats Gideon is 7,000,000,000

Dialogue On Dialogue: Hey, folks. Want to write a love song for your significant other? Just sing his/her name over and over again. Worked for Scott Pilgrim!

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