Movies You Made: “Brainstorm”

May 20th, 2013 by

For several months, I’ve been tagging a bunch of emails from filmmakers who have contacted me about their film projects, so I figured we should feature them this May. If you have a movie, either short-form or long, with which you were involved — writer, actor, director — please either email me or post details in comments. Happy to promote them on GITS.

Today we feature the web series “Brainstorm”. Background from series co-writer and producer Christopher Lehr:

Dear Scott,

I’m a huge fan of your site. I read it everyday and find truth, knowledge and inspiration all the time. Thanks. I wanted to write because I’ve really been enjoying your series “Movies You Made.” Seeing the different types of work people have been doing is really fun. After watching a few I thought I’d share a project that I was lucky enough to work on a few years ago. Fox Mobile Studios, they were the mobile phone division of Fox Studios, teamed up with a boutique advertising agency in LA, Omelet, to create a branded entertainment web series for Altoids mints. The idea was to distribute the show online and through mobile phones. The show, which I helped write and produce, turned out great. We were nominated for multiple awards for online and mobile entertainment, and we got some really good reviews. Though technically it’s not a movie, it is a fun little show. Each episode is about 5 minutes long and there are only 8 episodes. The show follows the misadventures of creatives at a failing ad agency trying to save the company by winning the Altoids account.

Here is Episode 1:

IMDB site

Cast & Crew

Thanks, Chris, and good luck with your storytelling ventures.

Again if you have a film [or web] project you have been involved with and would like me to promote it on GITS, and I can embed it, email me or post details in comments.

May is Movies You Made month. Let’s celebrate your cinematic creativity!

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