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Time for another installment of Saturday Hot Links!

Today: The Congratulations To All You Graduates Out There Edition:

8 movies that changed movies.

26 signs you were college radio deejay.

Drink like Don Draper with the cocktail chart of film and literature.

The relationship between creativity and dishonesty.

The best 50 romantic comedies of all time.

Chimpanzee’s Polaroids expected to sell big at Sothebys.

In honor of “The Office”… “That’s what she said” [video].

Why Venezuela is running out of toilet paper.

22 movies that were weirdly similar.

8 historically terrifying viruses.

Via FilmmakerIQ: Pages from the official 1967 “Star Trek” writers guide.

15 books you should definitely not read in your 20s.

The stupidity of smart TV.

David Beckham announces his retirement from playing soccer.

11 strange movie job titles explained.

The history (and FlimFlam) of Tarot.

Learn Klingon in 6 steps.

Scientists create human stem cells from cloning.

“24” will reunite original writing staff.

How do fortune cookie messages get written.

Scarlett Johansson to make directorial debut.

Everything you wanted to know about the “sex superbug”.

Your next horror franchise isn’t a movie… it’s an app.

10 hotel secrets from behind the front desk.

How Michael Crichton’s Westworld pioneered modern special effects.

10 things you  may not know about Frank Sinatra.

Leo DiCaprio and the myth of chick-flicks.

5 reasons the U.N. wants you to start eating insects.

Kevin Smith says “no” to KickStarter.

7 beautifully terrifying lightning storms [photos].

How Stephen Spielberg won millions of Star Wars dollars in a bet with George Lucas.

11 baby-naming trends of the past.

The origins of 11 famous Star Trek lines.

11 things that make you a bad driver.

2013 Student Academy Award winners announced.

20 of the funniest songs in rock-and-roll.

15 TV plot points that angered viewers.

11 songs that brought people out of comas.

All of Kramer’s jobs and schemes on “Seinfeld.”

11 discontinued beverages from your youth.

Medieval Times heading for movie screens.

11 of the best-loved regional candies.

Pixar announces new Toy Story short.

11 embarrassing incidents caused by mascots.

Chuck Wendig: 25 things you should know about outlining.

Joss Whedon is now on Twitter.

11 TV theme songs that tell the backstory.

2013 weirdest movie trends.

11 movies you may not know are based on comic books.

Where have all the women gone in movies?

A special congratulations goes out to my son Will who is graduating this weekend from a five-year double degree program at Tufts University and the New England Conservatory. Well done, Will!

You may listen to Will’s latest orchestral composition “Bright Shadows” as performed by the New England Conservatory here.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the Week: Oftentimes the writers I have the privilege of working with through SMC say it far better than I can:

I am not sure how I stumbled upon Scott’s blog, Go Into the Story, but that was a very good day. Ever since  I have been visiting his blog daily or more and am so grateful for his generosity, insight and humor. Taking his week long online course “Create a Compelling Protagonist” was a terrific learning experience, not the least of which was the opportunity to workshop my protagonist and interact with others on the same path. A Skype call, my first, made the experience even better.  Scott’s blog and classes have brought together some of the world’s most insightful and dedicated people all of whom seem to feel creatively nurtured as they keep coming back.  I will continue to aspire to be one of them as long as Scott’s around. — Lois Bernard

Being new to the virtual classroom, I had no idea what to expect when I enrolled in “Create a Compelling Protagonist” taught by Scott Myers.  What I found was a teacher committed to guiding his students in discovering and developing a character, bringing each of us closer to realizing a ‘Compelling Protagonist.‘  Scott generously offers up his knowledge, insight, time and resources, so that in just one week a fully formed character can begin to lead you into your story.  And, there is a Bonus.  I was exposed to a style of critique through Scott’s and co-participant’s comments that I hope to adopt and hone in future Screenwriting Master Classes.  The critiques are not only informed and well constructed, they are offered with great courtesy and a true spirit of service. — Ellen Musikant

I can’t think of a single book or lecture I’ve read that outdoes the Screenwriting Master Class. The teaching is clear and comprehensive. The response from classmates, inspiring, and the feedback from Scott, invaluable. One week of “Create a Compelling Protagonist” challenged me in ways I couldn’t challenge myself. If you want to develop your ideas this is a rare opportunity at great value. Thank you, Scott!” — Brianna Garber

My upcoming class Write a Worthy Nemesis offers the same type of learning and workshop experience. The 1-week online screenwriting class starts Monday, May 20. We already have the makings of a great group. Why don’t you join us? To find out more, go here.

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  1. Scott, congratulations to Will on his graduation, five years, that’s fantastic! Listening to his track reminds me of some of the old science-fiction early Steven Spielberg movies. John Williams came to mind along with flying saucers and Dinosaurs walking the earth, but that’s just me. Really enjoyed listening to it. Will has a ton of talent and you must be quite proud.

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