Spec Script Sale: “Cat Fight”

June 15th, 2013 by

Screen Gems acquires comedy spec script “Cat Fight” written by Amelie Gillette. From TheWrap:

“Cat Fight” follows an insecure high school girl from a single parent household who gets a scholarship to an elite private high school in an attempt to reinvent herself. It’s all going well until she finds out the boy she’s dating has a crazy and psychotic ex-girlfriend, who suddenly returns from juvie and challenges her to fight it out after school.

Shades of the 1987 movie Three O’Clock High which was itself an ‘homage’ to High Noon.

Gillette is repped by CAA.

By my count, this is the 49th spec script sale in 2013.

There were 61 spec script sales year-to-date in 2012.

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