Update: The Quest Initiative

June 14th, 2013 by

I have already started the process of reviewing your submissions, but I go into official “weekend read” mode beginning tonight, immersing myself in some 2,000 loglines sent to me by nearly 1,000 entrants.

Here is the schedule related to The Quest Initiative:

June 19: I will email those of you who make the first cut. That will be determined strictly on the merits of your story concept and execution of your logline. Those writers will need to provide information including a writing resume [basically your background and history as a writer], story synopsis [if you have fleshed out anything more of your logline], writing sample [screenplay or screenplay excerpt, short story, novel excerpt], bio, plus a brief questionnaire.

June 22: Information due from first round writers.

June 24: Emails to writers who make the second round to set up phone call interviews with me.

June 25-June 28: Interviews.

July 3: Contact the Questers.

July 8: Announce the Questers.

July 15: The Quest begins! Core [Theory]: 8 weeks.

September 9: Prep: 6 weeks.

October 21: Pages: 10 weeks.

December 29: The Quest ends!

Also Max Millimeter has resurfaced, so expect some of his unique brand of Hollywood wisdom in the next few weeks.

Onward and upward!

4 thoughts on “Update: The Quest Initiative

  1. Zach Jansen says:

    Good luck, Scott!

    I know I’m not the only one feeling/thinking it, but your dedication to aspiring screenwriters is inspiring. I appreciate the time and effort you voluntarily put in to help others achieve their goals.

    Between going to school and your insight, I know my writing has improved — so even if I don’t make the Quest (which based on the numbers is slim to none; and slim’s getting on a bus out of town…), I know what I’ve learned will help push my career along.

    Thanks, man. Really, truly, honestly: Thank you.

  2. What if your resume is a bit on the thin side? Asking for a friend.

  3. VerbaVitae says:

    Thank you for all you do! Happy reading.

  4. Oh dear… I’m away for a little while and then I completely miss the deadline. Well, hopefully, there will be a next time? Good luck to everyone! :)

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