Daily Dialogue — July 9, 2013

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Ken drives at Otto with a steamroller. Otto laughs, until he realizes his feet are trapped in cement, and his gun is empty.

Otto: Ken! Ken! Wait, wait, Ken! Kenny! I… may I call you Kenny?
Ken: Remember Wanda!
Otto: I got the deal of a lifetime! Fifty-fifty, you and me, what do you say! Okay, okay, okay, sixty-forty! That’s my final offer!
Otto: Wait, I got an idea! You take it all! Yeah, here’s my boarding pass, Ken!
Ken: I’m gonna, I’m gonna k-ka, kill you!
Otto: Okay, fine, Ken! Come at me, give me your best shot! Go on, Ken! You don’t have the guts, admit it!
[the steamroller bears down on him]
Otto: Okay, you have the guts, good… wait!
Ken: Death!
Otto: Okay, I’m-sorry-I-ate-your-fish, okay? I’m-sorry!
Ken: Revenge!
Otto: Jesus, I said I’m sorry! What the fu-?

He goes under the steamroller.

Ken: Got him!

A Fish Called Wanda (1988), screenplay by John Cleese, story by John Cleese and Charles Crichton

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is begging for one’s life, suggested by Despina. Today’s suggestion by Illimani.

Trivia: Michael Palin went on to found the London Centre for Stammering Children after a group of stutterers confronted him regarding the sensitivity with which he dealt with Ken’s handicap in this film.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from Illimani: “I love how Otto tries different strategies as he tries to be spared by Ken and how they all fail.”

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