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U.K.-based TV director Declan O’Dwyer (Robin Hood, Wire in the Blood, Merlin) wrote and sold the spec script “Broken Cove” to Thunder Road Pictures in April 2013.

Declan O'Dwyer

Here are inks to the six installments of the entire interview:

Part 1: “It’s trite – but my only escape from that shit was film and TV. That was it – they were gods to me up on those screens. When I’m working I still go to the cinema nearly every other night.”

Part 2: “There are no goodies. It’s intentional. There are no white hats in my film. They are all black hats, all of them. But just because one person falls on a particular side of the moral compass, it doesn’t necessarily make them evil, just because they’re not sticking to the law.”

Part 3: “It was never really about where it was going to end up. It was really about the journey itself. It’s inevitable in a genre piece. Cinematic language tells us there’s going to be showdown at high-noon.  Not always the case, but it’s a fair assumption. So really, the interesting bit, though, is how they got there and the journey.”

Part 4: “I kept clinging to the point that I’m going to make it, I’m going to make it, then it was like, you know what, I’m going to put it on the Black List and see what happens.”

Part 5: “I do things in photographs. I collect lots and lots of imagery. I find it much easier to write in pictures than I do in words because I don’t enjoy the writing process.”

Part 6: “If your script is good, it gets noticed. If it doesn’t, write another fucking script.”

Declan is repped by WME and Energy Entertainment.

Twitter: @thelastsouthpaw.

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