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Time for another installment of Saturday Hot Links!

Today: The Watch Several Ingmar Bergman Movies Online For Free Edition!

NOTE: For all the Bergman films, you can click on the transcript symbol and read the English translation.

How Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.

Twitter lashes out at Ben Affleck as the new Batman.

For some perspective, this 1988 LAT letter to the editor: “Mr. Mom as Batman”.

Joss Whedon: Ben Affleck with “crush it” as Batman.

More Whedon: He explains his major problem with The Empire Strikes Back.

Tesla Model S receives the best safety rating of any car ever.

Aziz Ansari scores a $3.5M book deal.

Spielberg, Scorcese and Lucas on the future of film [1990 video].

Vanish from the Internet with this one-stop website.

Animated movies are flooding theaters.

Scientists link common flavor compounds across the world’s favorite ingredients.

How to make a TV drama in the Twitter age.

14 fascinating language facts from the U.S. census bureau.

Can we accept complex female characters.

Aaron Sorkin not a big fan of Huffington Post these days.

The WAPO article that inspired Lee Daniel’s The Butler.

More Butler: The movie has 37 producers.

Fox seeking $4M for 30-second Super Bowl commercials.

Linda Rondstadt: Parkinson’s took my singing voice.

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro offers to fund Woody Allen’s next movie (if he’ll shoot it in Rio de Janeiro).

10 Peanuts characters you’ve probably forgotten.

33 ways to stay creative.

Recent study finds there is a lack of substantial LGBT characters in mainstream movies.

The 7 most expensive homes in the world.

A brief survey of male nudity in television.

The daily routines of 12 famous writers.

10 of literature’s most unreliable narrators.

15 companies that originally sold something else.

After Hollywood: Where are the foreign film visionaries.

32 extremely upsetting facts about the class of 2017.

“The X-Files” Chris Carter developing a mysterious new series for AMC.

Dick Van Dyke rescued from burning car in L.A.

People who have more sex make the most money.

Allowing people to tweet in movie theaters will ruin one of our greatest skills.

28 foods named after people.

The Bitter Script Reader: Let’s talk about rape scenes.

Tina Fey’s office was robbed [video].

L.A.’s Famous (500) Days of Summer bench closed in budget cuts.

What causes nightmares.

The 25 highest grossing indies of 2013 [so far].

74 movies to watch this fall.

4 shocking findings from the U.N’s latest climate change report

25 minority characters that Hollywood whitewashed.

Can you really catch up on sleep.

FX Orders a pilot for the Seth Rogen-produced animated comedy ‘Bigfoot’.

11 celebrated artists who didn’t quit their day jobs.

Tarantino’s handwritten list of 11 greatest movies.

23 signs you’re secretly an introvert.

30 greatest movies that take place in one day.

Hear Helen Keller speak.

James Franco gets his own TV series.

How to ride a horse bareback.

Anna Kendrick on Drinking Buddies and getting drunk on set.

11 simple ways to improve your memory.

Hey, J.J. Abrams: It’s time to open the mystery box.

Dolly Parton’s original recording of “Jolene” slowed down is surprisingly awesome.

17 reasons why chicks actually make better movie directors.

50 movie bad girls gone good.

33 teachers who got the last laugh.

Why was the Hollywood sign lit up this week.

The 11 best-named political parties.

Screenwriter Tchaikovsky was gay, sparking furor in Russia.

Harry Houdini’s missing scrapbook has been found.

5 reasons Hollywood isn’t celebrating a record summer box office.

Summer of the big dud.

10 ways we get smarter with age.

10 things you might not know about Dorothy Parker.

Melanie Griffith: Most Hollywood screenplays are “shitty, stupid and superficial.”

Hollywood’s biggest bang for its buck? Horror and documentaries.

A brief history of ugly Apple products.

The forgotten origin story of the iPhone’s ‘tri-tone’ text message sound.

Heroines of Cinema: ‘Tootsie’ and Feminism the Hollywood Way.

11 artists accused of musical plagiarism.

A supercut of Robert De Niro losing his shit [video].

The writing tools of 20 famous authors.

5 signs your misbehaving kid could become insanely successful.

RIP: Elmore Leonard.

How Hollywood reacted to Leonard’s death on Twitter.

“Justified”‘s Graham Yost: Elmore Leonard was a “writer-father to me.”

All of Elmore Leonard’s opening lines from all of his stories.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week: Starting Monday, August 26 and throughout the fall, I will be teaching the entire Core curriculum from The Quest. These eight 1-week online classes provide a comprehensive immersion into character-based screenwriting. 48 lectures, all of which I wrote, plus dozens of screenwriting tips and techniques, over 300 pages of original content to ground writers in a professional theory and practice.

The first class is Core I: Plot, the focus of which is screenplay structure, one different than most because it is arises from character. You may have read all sorts of books about plot and structure, but having taught this class now several times, I know from the personal feedback I’ve received even from advanced writers, there is a unique way in which everything clicks together in this course content: Plot and Character, Character and Plot.

The advantage to this approach is instead of crafting a story with some dry formula or impersonal paradigm, Core I: Plot provides writers a theoretical framework and practical tools to grow a plot from their story’s characters, merging both Plotline, the narrative’s physical journey, with Themeline, its psychological realm.

I am proud of this class and all the Core courses, each representing decades of writing screenplays, studying the craft, and working on the front lines with hundreds of students as a teacher in my spare time.

For more information on Core I: Plot, go here.

To enroll in the class, go here.

To learn how you can take all eight Core classes at a nearly 50% discount, go here.

This fall is the only time I will be teaching the Core curriculum in 2013. So join me, will you?

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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