Daily Dialogue — September 18, 2013

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We don’t want anything to do with her.

She is a ‘golden calf’. We all know what’d happen with that.

Well, he’s not worshiping her. They’re just dating?

These young people have no willpower.

He is sick, alright. He’s sick.

Yes we were just hoping if we came to you, you could help

You know just pave the way a little. If you could just try to understand it…

We can try.

This is all for Heaven sake, What’s the big deal? Sally, your cousin puts the dresses on his cats. Hazel, your nephew gave all his money to a UFO club. and Ernie, everybody knows your first wife was a klepto

She wasn’t..

Then why she buried the pair of my earrings?

Now that’s enough.

These things happen. Lars is a good boy. You can depend on me.

Thanks, Mrs. Gruner.

You’re not bringing it to the church, Reverend Brock?

The question is, as always… What would Jesus do?

Lars and the Real Girl (2007), written by Nancy Oliver

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is asking a favor, suggested by rdlln. Today’s suggestion by SabinaGiado.

Trivia: To help Ryan Gosling stay in character, the real doll was treated like an actual person, as is done by the characters in the movie. She was dressed privately in her own trailer and was only present for scenes that she was in.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from Sabina: “I love this movie and I love this scene. It simultaneously subverts and upholds the stereotype of small-minded small-town folk. It also establishes the precedent for what’s to follow – the astonishing level of support Lars and Bianca get from the town. His brother and his wife perhaps solicit the help of the most important organization in the town, the church, and that shapes the whole town’s behavior.”

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