Go On Your Own Quest — Week 10: Prep

September 17th, 2013 by

The 2013 version of The Quest starts Week 10 today. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by because you can Go On Your Own Quest by following the structure of The Quest to dig into screenwriting theory [Core – 8 weeks], figure out your story [Prep – 6 weeks], and write a first draft [Pages – 10 weeks]. It’s a 24-week immersion in the screenwriting process and you can do it here – for free!

Plus you can join The Black Board, the Official Online Writing Community of the Black List and Go Into The Story, another free resource to help keep you inspired and on target at you Go On Your Own Quest from FADE IN to FADE OUT on the first draft of your original screenplay.

We are now in the second week of the Prep phase and our topic for discussion is brainstorming. We began yesterday with this question: Do you find brainstorming beneficial and if so, why? Discussion here. Today’s question:

* Do you interview your characters? If so, how?

On October 21, you can type FADE IN, then over a ten week period write your first draft.

Why not use the structure of this 24-week workshop to Go On Your Own Quest? That was an idea that gathered energy among many members of the GITS community which I described here.

If you’d like to participate in a Prep workshop just like the members of The Quest are doing, you’re in luck. Starting September 23, I’m overseeing the next session of Prep: From Concept To Outline. It’s perhaps the single most popular course we offer through Screenwriting Master Class as it has proven to be hugely successful, enabling writers to break their story, then approach the page-writing part of the process with confidence. You can take this Prep workshop, then have 8 full weeks to write your first draft by the end of the year, more than enough time since you will have a fully fleshed-out outline.

For more information and to enroll, go here.

Meanwhile I encourage you to head to comments to discuss today’s question. And for a related discussion on The Black Board, check out these topics:

For more information on Go On Your Own Quest, go here.


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3 thoughts on “Go On Your Own Quest — Week 10: Prep

  1. lisakothari42 says:

    No I don’t, but I like the idea of it. I found one of your questionnaires and think it may be helpful to get to know my characters better. It’s a good tool.

    1. Scott says:

      Lisa, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you discover. If you conduct yourself with your characters as if they exist — and they DO within their story universe — then you can engage them in a dialog.

      I’ve told writers who have worked with me to take a character out for a drink. Go play a round of golf with them. You’re a cop, they are in the interrogation room, and you’re questioning them.

      Another thing: Character sit-down. Sit at your computer. Close your eyes. Imagine the character. Put your fingers on keyboard. And start typing. For 30 minutes. Just let the words flow. 90% may be gibberish, but that 10% could be pure gold.

  2. JoniB22 says:

    I agree with Scott — the pleasant surprises of discovery are worth any reservation about the “exercise” of having a chat with a character.

    I’ve imagined various scenarios for chats — riding behind him/her on a motorcycle, on a fishing boat both feeling a bit seasick, at a dusty old used bookstore in the same aisle, seated together on a plane, at the DMV, etc. One, it helps you visualize them “in some semblance of a real situation” and see how they conduct themselves. But also, it allows various types of conversations to emerge, and more than just standard questionnaire type stuff.

    Scott’s also right in that a lot of what emerges may well be gibberish. But .. there also come the gems, those precious nuggets of info you may not have known or anticipated or discovered otherwise.

    Worthy and FUN exercise. Highly recommend!

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