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September 3rd, 2013 by

If you are on Twitter and follow my feed (@GoIntoTheStory), you will have seen my weekly #FF Mysterious Hollywood tweets each Friday. It started out with one tweet, then as more mysterious Hwood types emerged, became two, and now sits at three.

This is currently who I have aggregated in the Mysterious Hwood twitterverse:


Then there is Mysterious Marshmallow: @StayPuft, who belongs because I believe in promoting diversity and I think we can all agree imaginary marshmallow figures pulled from Ghostbusters have been ignored long enough!

Now I had no idea anybody but myself and a few other Twitter types really cared about my weekly #FF tweets, but lately I have received some twitter flack (“twack”? “flitter”? “flacker”?) due to my ‘sins of ommission’. To wit:

Needless to say, I added @mysterysffwri and @MystMystFollwr to my active lists, although the appearance of the latter has officially moved us into Meta World whereby there is a mystery denizen who is noteworthy for following Mysterious Hwood types.

So what’s my point?

First, I wanted to make folks aware of this particularly entertaining aspect of what transpires daily in the Twittersphere. Are these people actually who they claim to be? Who knows, but that’s half the fun. You can imagine them in their bungalow office on the Universal lot live-tweeting while rolling calls and keeping one eye on the CNBC stock market scroll or in the basement of their parents’ house in Minot, North Dakota sucking down Grain Belt beer while temporarily out of jail on probation for lewd behavior with a yak.

Second, I feel like I need some guidance from Mystery Hollywood types. I can’t follow all of you because I use Twitter largely to track news related to the movie business and screenwriting, so a couple of things:

* Please look at the overall list and let me know if there are any inactive feeds I should remove.

* If there are other Mysterious Hollywood accounts I’ve not included, please give me a heads-up about those.

And then I’m thinking this: What if we rank them, something like they do in sports?

The Mysterious Hollywood Top 25 Poll

The poll could not only be helpful for people trying to figure out who to follow, but also perhaps serve as motivation for the Mysterious Hollywood crowd to be even more entertaining and informative about the business.

I would imagine @MysteryExec lands at the top of the list, but again while I’m happy to promote the entire Mysterious Hollywood crowd, I only officially follow a few for reasons stated above, so maybe a poll would provide a more ‘official’ assessment of the whole MH phenomenon and give us a few surprises on the popularity front.

Or perhaps the poll is just a shitty idea.

Anyhow a Hat Tip to all of you Mysterious Hwood types. You entertain us 140 characters at a time.

Phew, after all that typing, I need a drink. Let’s see, where’s that bottle of Chivas 18…

UPDATE: @BittrScrptReadr informs me that @DevtHell has been inactive for awhile. So unless I hear otherwise, I will hereby scrub him/her from the list.

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5 thoughts on “Mysterious Hollywood round-up

  1. Found another one just doing some searching around. @MysteryScWriter

  2. matthewkane says:

    And why isn’t @BittrScrptReadr mysterious enough for this list?

    1. Scott says:

      I #FF @BittrScrptReadr in his own separate tweet. Yes, he’s that special.

  3. bolo boffin says:

    I thought you could add people to lists and aggregate their tweets there instead of following them with your main timeline.

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