Daily Dialogue — November 6, 2013

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“What were you doing in the bar if you didn’t know?”

The Crying Game (1992), written by Neil Jordan

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is dramatic reveal, suggested by hoernsch.

Trivia: Time magazine critic Richard Corliss subtly gave away the movie’s plot twist in his review of the film. The first letter of each paragraph spells out the phrase “She is a he”.

Dialogue On Dialogue: One of the most memorable dramatic reveals in the last 20+ years.

Speaking of which, still looking for more suggestions this week. Thanks!

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One thought on “Daily Dialogue — November 6, 2013

  1. Ellen Musikant says:

    The reveal at the end of The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) is a hoot, but when I looked at it out of context – I realized it might not seem at all funny to an uninitiated viewer. I also looked at the same scene in the 1952 version of the film, and again it seems you need all the little pieces dropped in the plot for the reveal to work on its own.


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