Spec Script Sale: “Unleash the Mules”

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Columbia acquires drama spec script “Unleash the Mules” written by Chris Parker. From THR:

In 1956 Henry Lebash, chafing to leave his teaching job at the Missouri School for the Blind for a gig at up-and-coming IBM in California, nevertheless agreed to create a wrestling team before he left.

During the course of the season, he was inspired by a blind teen student named Luke Whitman, and became a committed and passionate coach, launching a career in the sport. Whitman, meanwhile, became his best friend and eventually got inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Parker is repped by Gersh and Circle of Confusion.

Date: 10/31/13

The last week of every year, I go back through various sales reports which I was not able to confirm at the time or I may have missed initially. Many of these are options which are for significantly less money than outright sales, but since they are deals and important nonetheless, I will add them to the list noting them as options.

This additional deal brings the total for 2013 to 97.

There were 99 year-to-date in 2012.

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