78 free, legal movie script PDF downloads

January 2nd, 2014 by

Faithful readers know we have been tracking the various FYC (For Your Consideration) websites to access as many of the 2013 movie scripts as studios and production companies make them available. The total at last count was 38 as this post demonstrates.

Over the holidays, Franklin had a great suggestion: Why not aggregate and host all of the links in other years where scripts were made available? That way, we could have a set of free movie scripts in PDF format GITS readers could download legally.

I loved the idea for two reasons.

First, it’s an opportunity to push – yet again! – the importance of reading scripts as a key part of learning the screenwriting craft. And here you will have access to multiple critically acclaimed movie scripts.

Second, in the past I have had a difficult time with a variety of posts, movie and script analysis, because I prefer not to promote sites that host screenplays illegally (movie scripts are the exclusive property of the buyers, studios and the like). Now I could promote legal download links. And that means I can do a lot more script and movie analysis.

So with a huge assist from Go Into The Story development assistant Wendy Cohen, here are links to 78 free, legal movie script PDF downloads dating back to about 2007 when the studios pretty much began the practice of making scripts available online For Your Consideration:

Word of advice: These links can go dead at any second, so make sure you download the scripts ASAP and put them in your files.

If you know of any other official, legal studios script download sites, please forward that information to me.

Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “78 free, legal movie script PDF downloads

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  2. LuckyandDead says:

    There is a link to The Bling Ring instead of Burn After Reading at the Burn After Reading link.
    And Burn After Reading lies here: http://www.filminfocus.com/awards08/burn_after_reading.pdf

    1. Scott says:

      Thanks L&D. I corrected the Burn After Reading link and added The Bling Ring link, so now 79 scripts.

  3. 14Shari says:

    Scott, much appreciated, thanks.
    Do you know any site which promotes legally scripts? I’m in search of scripts of Narnia, The Goonies, Home Alone, Spy Kids, Mathilda, and other family films.

    1. Scott says:

      Shari, there are all sorts of sites which host screenplays, all of them technically illegal. My goal with this list was to aggregate scripts for general use and to have titles I could use for script analysis on the site.

      As for your own personal, educational usage, there are sites like:


      A new one crossed my Twitter feed this AM:


      As long as you are using scripts for your own personal use as educational tools, you shouldn’t have to worry about the whole legal thing.

  4. TheQuietAct says:

    Thanks Scott and Wendy for taking the time and effort to compile the list, much appreciated.

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  6. lee26 says:

    You surprisingly forgot 4 scripts . You accidentally skipped the 2010 focus awards scripts but got the years before and after on that website.

    It’s Kind Of A Funny Story


    The American


    The Kids Are Alright

    Such a great idea to post these.So glad I found this site. Maybe you should have a page with the pdf scripts that have for educational purpose only printed on them since those are definitely legal and can’t be deleted

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  8. Can I use some of the movie scripts downloaded in here and use for my own non profitable short stories?

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