Final Chance: The Official 2014 GITS Spec Script Sales Prognostication Contest!

January 10th, 2014 by

Yes, it’s time once again for The Official 2014 GITS Spec Script Sales Prognostication Contest! Or as we refer to it around the Myers household TO2014GSSSPC [much easier to remember, don’t you think].

Put on your prognostication glasses and take a guess at how many spec scripts sales there will be in Hollywood in 2014! We’ll come back next year around this time to see who won. The prize:

I will read any script of the winner’s choice and do a thirty-minute teleconference to discuss it with them.

Here are the sales totals for the last six years:

2008: 87
2009: 68
2010: 55
2011: 110
2012: 99
2013: 100

Armed with that information, head to comments and make your prediction. Will the spec market contract? Expand? Stay steady? What is your reasoning? At the end of the week, I’ll post my number. Now is your chance to post yours.

Contest open through tonight Friday, January 10th at midnight Pacific!

Here is what we have so far [and by the way, it is okay to double up, triple up or whatever up on any number]:

87: Brian
88: kcorbett
89: hoernsch
91: Trent Carroll
93: Mark Gauthier
94: TheQuietAct
95: Todd Crissinger, Chris Chun, LuckyandDead
96: leejay68, Jovan Jevtic
97: Shaula Evans, Mark Walker, Dylan DiMaggio, Sean Z P Harris, Ryan Decaria
98: Zach Jansen, pikneo
99: plinytheelder_t
100: Chris Westfield
101: Turambar, CoolLoon2, Ben Jacoby
102: jannagummo, Lydia Mulvey, christedrick, Karen Wilson
103: AntoBlueberry, Ange, SabinaGiado, IamChrisBradley
104: Chroa, johncostatv, Jason Reed, BumpFire2012, churnage, wmancini7
105: blueneumann, Elissa Matsueda, Erica R Maier, Chriszh
106: Kevin Carlson, Christopher Moore, dusty
107: Judy Potocki, Dean Scott
108: Traci Nell Peterson
109: Mike Stahl, Debbie Moon, brettonzinger
110: sleepydude
111: joshbarkey, writerhaha, 14Shari
112: jimEndecott, Roman Sidenko
113: Alejandro
114: nicholasofpain, Aarthi Ramanathan
115: Cameron Pattison
119: Joshua Tousignant
121: Frankie Hollywood
122: nutbucketLije
123: donna
124: BillieJeanVK
125: Jon Stark

See you in comments for your guess!

Remember: Deadline is midnight tonight Pacific!

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16 thoughts on “Final Chance: The Official 2014 GITS Spec Script Sales Prognostication Contest!

  1. thejakk2 says:

    Put me down for 99

  2. Santamoniker says:

    I fear the economy (QE unwinding/TBTF banks) will be hurt and am low balling at 77. Hope I am wrong.

  3. Stacey Gray says:

    Lets try for a positive year 104 :)

  4. Gordon says:

    I’ll guess 90

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