Movies You Made: “Fathoms”

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March is Movies You Made month at Go Into The Story where we feature the work of some independent filmmakers.

Today: Fathoms.

Production notes from writer-director Joe Russ:

One of the goals was to create a story rooted in my personal experience of losing my father to cancer at an early age. At the same time, I wanted to take the theme of loss and try to share that in a more universal way and blend it with my love for all things horror / scifi / mystery.

Fathoms has been a labor of love for Joe. Made during nights and weekends, he created the story, animated, and composited the film over the course of six years. The locations are inspired by his commute from Park Slope, Brooklyn into Manhattan.”

“Follow Sam, Evan, and Hippo the cat as they struggle to survive and find meaning in a flooded world haunted by remnants of the past.”

Cast & Crew

Rebecca Shorrocks — Sam
Ben Tillett — Evan

Writer-Director: Joe Russ

Here is the 22-minute movie Fathoms:

I asked each of the filmmakers in this month’s series to answer this question: What inspired you about this particular story to make it a movie? Here is Joe’s response:

When I’m beginning to think about a story, I see juxtapositions of images and colors. Whether it be live-action, stop motion, or animation, my instinct is as a visual storyteller, as a filmmaker. This particular story, Fathoms, is inspired by a very personal event – losing my father to cancer when I was seventeen. For me, movies are one of the best forms of mass communication, allowing me to share my personal story and loss in a universal way. For these reasons, It couldn’t be a song, and it couldn’t be a poem, it needed to build on the strengths of those forms and ultimately be delivered as a moving image.

Joe’s site is here.

The Fathoms site is here.

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Tomorrow: Another Movie You Made.

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