Movie Trailer: “San Andreas”

December 19th, 2014 by

Screenplay by Allan Loeb, Carlton Cuse, Carey Hayes, Chad Hayes, Jeremy Passmore, Andre Fabrizio

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his estranged daughter.


Release Date: 29 May 2015 (USA)

Movie Trailer: “Inside Out”

December 18th, 2014 by

Told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl.


Release Date: 19 June 2015

Movie Trailer: “Hot Tub Time Machine 2″

December 17th, 2014 by

Written by Josh Heald

When Lou, who has become the “father of the Internet,” is shot by an unknown assailant, Jacob and Nick fire up the time machine again to save their friend.


Movie Trailer: “Tracers”

December 16th, 2014 by

Written by Leslie Bohem, Matt Johnson, Kevin Lund, T.J. Scott

Wanted by the Mafia, a new York City bike messenger escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger.


Movie Trailer: “Dark Summer”

December 12th, 2014 by

Written Mike Le

A teenager is placed on house arrest while his mother is traveling for work.


Release Date: 9 January 2015 (USA)

Movie Trailer: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

December 11th, 2014 by

Written by George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, Nick Lathouris

An apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and almost everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life. Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order. There’s Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland.


Release Date: 15 May 2015 (USA)

Movie Trailer: “Project Almanac”

December 10th, 2014 by

Written by Jason Pagan, Andrew Stark

A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.


Release Date: 30 January 2015 (USA)

Movie Trailer: “The DUFF”

December 9th, 2014 by

Josh A. Cagan (screenplay), Kody Keplinger (novel)

A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier more popular friends.


Release Date: 20 February 2015 (USA)

Movie Trailer: “Danny Collins”

December 8th, 2014 by

Written by Dan Fogelman

An aging rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year old letter written to him by John Lennon.


Movie Trailer: “The Woman in Black: Angel of Death”

December 5th, 2014 by

Screenplay by Jon Croker and Susan Hill

40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrive, awakening the house’s darkest inhabitant.


Release Date: 2 January 2015 (USA)