“Awake”: Full pilot online for screening now!

February 19th, 2012 by

You can watch the entire pilot for the new NBC 1-hour drama “Awake” here.

Created by Kyle Killen, whose screenplay “The Beaver” topped the Black List in 2009.

IMDB site

Official NBC site

Series premise:

After a car accident takes the life of a family member, a police detective lives two alternating parallel lives, one with his wife and one with his son. Is one of his “realities” merely a dream?

Series debut: NBC, March 1 and airs Thursdays at 10PM.

I’ve read the pilot script and screened the pilot, both excellent. You should definitely check out the series.

Video: “Awake,” New NBC series [Thursdays, 10PM]

February 15th, 2012 by

From HuffPo:

NBC’s “Awake” (premiering Thurs., Mar. 1, 10 p.m. EST) is the most ambitious new drama on any network. Even with a complex premise to set up, the pilot is a compelling, well-acted hour of television and HuffPost TV has the exclusive sneak peek at the show’s first seven minutes (and 55 seconds).

Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) is in a tragic car accident with his wife and son that fractures his life into two competing realities. In one, his wife is dead and he has to learn how to be a single father to his teenage son, Rex (Dylan Minnette); when he “wakes up” in what appears to be another reality, his son is dead and he and his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) are dealing with the aftermath.

Hit the link to catch the first nearly 8 minutes of the pilot episode.

The pilot script by Kyle Killen [@killen8] is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. The premise sounds like a fascinating way to bring new life to the rather stale arena of police procedurals.

Watch the video and see for yourself. And mark your calendars:


Here is a promo for the series:

TV Pilots 2012: The Complete Guide

February 7th, 2012 by

THR with this complete guide to all the 2012 TV pilots at the five broadcast nets.

The Runway List (Best Unproduced TV Pilot Scripts)

March 9th, 2011 by
Another list has emerged in Hollywood: The Runway List which features the best unproduced TV pilot scripts. Here is the inaugural list:


FML by Julie Whitesell
1/2 Hour Comedy.


1 Hour Action/Drama.
MANAGER: New Wave Entertainment – Michael Pelmont


BORDERLANDS by Darby Kealey, Christopher Hall
1 Hour Drama.
MANAGER: Mad House Entertainment – Nick Fariabi


FAMILY PRACTICE by Daniel Robinson
1 Hour Drama.
MANAGER: Stagecoach Management – Steve Smith

MELTING POT by Jeffrey Nemon, Sean Kotzin, Aner Segal
1/2 Hour Comedy.


CARINE by Camilla Blackett
1 Hour Sci-fi/Drama.

UNDER CONTROL by Jeni Sue Birnbaum
1/2 Hour Comedy.


FLYING HIGH by Dave Schechtman, Philip Levie
1/2 Hour Comedy.

LEGACY by James C. Oliver
1 Hour Fantasy/Drama.

PERVY GHOST by Jeremy Svenson
1/2 Hour Animation Comedy.

STUDIO BOROVSKY by Sharla Roberts
1 Hour Drama.

THE DARWIN CLUB by Nikhil ‘Nik’ Jayaram
1 Hour Drama.
MANAGER: Stagecoach Management – Steve Smith

THE LINCOLN CELL by Angus Fletcher
1 Hour Action/Drama.
AGENT: APA – David Saunders


911 by John Kapral, Adam Jansen
1 Hour Crime/Drama.
MANAGER: 14th Street Management – Joe Morganella

1/2 Hour Comedy.

AMERICAN STEAM by Chris Basler
1 Hour Drama.
AGENT: Gersh – Scott Yoselow

1 Hour Drama.

CANDY LAND by Dana Schmalenberg
1/2 Hour Comedy.
AGENT: CAA – Nancy Jones

DOUBLE EFFECT by Jonathan Flicker
1 Hour Legal Drama.

FUNNY HA HA by Kuang Lee
1 Hour Drama.

HOME TO STAY by Brendan Casey
1/2 Hour Comedy.
MANAGER: Caliber Media – Julian Rosenberg

1/2 Hour Comedy.
AGENT: CAA – Olivier Sultan
MANAGER: The Collective – Max Burgos, Jeff Golenberg

MED MAL by Chris Philpott
1 Hour Medical/Legal Drama.
MANAGER: Thruline Entertainment – Steve Kavovit

ON THE ROCKS by Kelly Boris
1/2 Hour Comedy.

POP SHOT by Jeremy Levy
1 Hour Dramedy.
MANAGER: 14th Street Management – Joe Morganella

REAL ROMANCE by Matt Lawton
1/2 Hour Comedy.
AGENT: APA – David Saunders
MANAGER: New Wave Entertainment – Michael Pelmont

RUNNER by Sean Hennen
1 Hour Action/Drama.
AGENT: ICM – Aaron Hart

1 Hour Drama.
MANAGER: Lenhoff & Lenhoff – S. Charles Lenhoff

TED VS. THE 80’S by Jason Benoit
1/2 Hour Comedy.
AGENT: Paradigm – Chris Licata
MANAGER: Madhouse Entertainment – Ryan Cunningham

TERRENCE HARLEM by Damione Macedon, Raphael Jackson
1 Hour Drama.
AGENT: The Rothman Brecher Agency – Camran Shafii

1/2 Hour Comedy.
AGENT: The Rothman Brecher Agency – Andrea Kavoosi

THE BELLE CURVE by Maurico Mena
1 Hour Drama.
MANAGER: 3 Arts Entertainment – Jairo Alvarado

1 Hour Drama.

THE SPINS by Melissa Oren, Ben Oren
1 Hour Drama.
MANAGER: Tom Sawyer Entertainment – Rachel Miller, Jesse Hara
MANAGER: 3 Arts Entertainment – Greg Walter

1 Hour Drama.

1/2 Hour Comedy.
MANAGER: Fineman Entertainment – Samata Narra

WONDER by Chris Philpott
1 Hour Fantasy Drama.
MANAGER: Thruline Entertainment – Steve Kavovit

Right there toward the very top of the list is GITS reader Neal Cornell. Neal, who is an assistant to the writers on the hit ABC series “Modern Family,” emailed me about the pilot script:

The script that got me on this list, American Prizefighter, helped me land my manager last year and has already gotten me a handful of general meetings around town.

Best of luck to Neal! And to the others on the list.

For more info on The Runway List, you can check out this post from Tracking-Board.com.

"Act 1: The ION Television Movie Contest

September 30th, 2009 by

I rarely pimp writing competitions, but this one is unusual in a couple of regards and, therefore, worth noting. The New York Television Festival and the TV network ION are sponsoring this competition:

Call for Content: The NYTV Fest also launched a new writing contest offering drama screenwriters the chance to win a $40,000 development deal with ION Television. To enter, writers must submit a movie treatment (5-10 pages) and the first act of their screenplay (20-40 pages). The deadline for entry is November 30, 2009.

The comp is unusual because (A) it’s for television writing (my guess is ION plans to use the movie as a “backdoor pilot” for a possible TV series), (B) it’s a specific genre (The screenplay will ideally be in the genre of a ‘drama procedural’), and (C) it’s for a broadcast network that up until recently only aired acquisitions, repeats of preexisting TV shows that had aired on other networks including “Criminal Minds,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “NCIS,” and “Durham County,” “Reba,” and “MASH,” and movies. Tiny ratings so far. For example, here are the Nielsen ratings from last Friday night:

CBS: 5.5/10 Ghost Whisperer [p] 5.5/10, Medium [p] 5.7/10, Numb3rs [p] 5.3/10

NBC: 4.1/8 Law & Order [p] 4.2/8, Dateline 4.2/8, The Jay Leno Show 3.9/7

ABC: 3.5/6 Flash Forward [r] 2.8/5, Modern Family [r] 2.5/4, Cougar Town [r] 2.4/4, 20/20 5.1/9

UNIV: 2.0/4 En Nombre Del Amor 1.9/4, Manana Es Para Siempre 2.6/5, La Rosa De Guadalupe 1.5/3

MNT: 1.9/3 WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1.9/3

FOX: 1.6/3 Brothers [p] 1.7/3, Brothers 1.7/3, Dollhouse [p] 1.5/3

CW: 1.2/2 Smallville [p] 1.6/3, America’s Top Model [r] 0.8/2

TELE: 0.5/1 Mas Sabe El Diablo 0.6/1, Ninos Ricos 0.4/1, Victorinos 0.5/1

ION: 0.4/1 Criminal Minds (9p) [r] 0.4/1, Criminal Minds (10p) 0.5/1

As I said, tiny numbers. But evidently ION has enough juice to start developing original scripted series. Granted a $40K development deal is peanuts compared to deals at the major broadcast networks, but it’s still forty grand – and more importantly a potential entree into the business.

So as opposed to relocating to LA, writing spec scripts of “Criminal Minds” or “NCIS,” schlepping around town for meetings, hoping to break in with a freelance gig or two, workiing on staff for several years, and only then having enough experience and chops to write and pitch a TV pilot, with this competition, you can stay home and knock out a treatment and first act of a movie / backdoor pilot as you are.

Who knows? You might end up getting that lucky phone call.

The ION network website is here.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here.

"Digital-TV link has a Katalyst"

June 17th, 2009 by

Variety article about a Katalyst web project “I Pledge” transitioning into a pilot for TV network CW:

Originally uploaded as “The Presidential Pledge,” Katalyst teamed up with MySpace to feature celebrities pledging to volunteer their service to charitable causes in 2009. As a TV show, “I Pledge” will follow those stars as they highlight causes they believe in, and help solve a problem in the process.

Interesting. But what’s really interesting about the Ashton Kutcher / Jason Goldberg prod co is this:

Meanwhile, given the cost of piloting series, Goldberg said Katalyst “found that not only can you pilot online, you can monetize it. There’s a great business taking properties and having them live on TV.”

Katalyst’s digital team has eight different Web properties in play right now, and hopes to have between 16 and 20 up by the end of the year. Goldberg said he believed 20% to 30% of those titles might then be developed for TV.

This represents a complete makeover for the TV pilot process. And while the costs for developing and producing the Web properties need to be covered by the prod co — thereby assuming a greater measure of risk — they speed up the process of seeing what connects / doesn’t connect with viewers, and if they find significant numbers of Web viewers, that puts the prod co in a much stronger bargaining position when selling the project to potential broadcast partners.

Of course, as we’ve noted numerous times in the last year — like here and here — professional TV and film writers are actively involved in producing Web-based content.

What about you? Have you created scripted Web-based content? Have you thought about doing it? It only takes one set of eyeballs — producer, network exec, agent, manager — to see something you’ve created online to change your life overnight.

Let’s face it: We live in a “Charlie Bit My Finger” world , where a 57 second long video about an infant biting his brother’s finger has been viewed online 100 million times! For those who aren’t familiar with the Charlie phenomenon, here is some background. And here is the original video:

Combined with all the mash-ups, remixes, and remakes, it’s estimated that “Charlie Bit My Finger” has been viewed in some fashion by over 300 million viewers.