Movie Science: “Guardians of the Galaxy”

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“Star Wars” minus John Williams: The Throne Room Scene

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Video: The 8 minutes Godzilla appears in “Godzilla”

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Video: “Making Magic”

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I tell my screenwriting students: “What we try to do when we write a screenplay is wrangle magic.”

The magic has to be there… in order for us to wrangle it.

And in order for it to be there… we have to believe in it…

The magic of movies.

Video: The Art of Silence in the Films of Martin Scorcese

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Video: Chrisophter Nolan on “Following”

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Everyone has to start somewhere, and for Christopher Nolan got his chops together making corporate/industrial films. But he was destined for feature filmmaking, to which “Following,” his first feature film, is testament. In this 26-minute conversation with Vice for The Criterion Collection, the director details his process on making the movie.

Here is the video:

Video: “The Fincher Effect”

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Video: “The History of Comic-Con”

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In 4 minutes:

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When K-9 shot in San Diego in 1988, I remember waking up with a hangover one morning after a night carousing with the film crew, then stumbling out of the elevator in my hotel in search of coffee to find myself surrounded by costumed figures. I had no clue what the hell was going on. Turns out, it was the first day of Comic-Con, an event I’d never heard of before. A surreal few minutes before I learned what the deal was. Much smaller event back then, but still quite a presence in the city. Nothing like today.

To all of you attendees this year, good luck and send photos!

Video: 6-Minute Tribute to the Films of Paul Thomas Anderson

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“The Shining” in 1 minute

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