2018 Zero Draft Thirty March Challenge: Day 20

One month. FADE IN to FADE OUT. Creativity meets Productivity.

Zero Draft Thirty: Day 20.

Write an entire draft of a script in March — FADE IN. FADE OUT. Or any sort of creative goal you have in front of you.

Feature length movie screenplay. Original TV pilot. Rewrite a current project. Break a story in prep. Generate a month’s worth of story concepts.

Whatever you feel will ratchet your creative ambitions into overdrive…


To download your very own Zero Draft Thirty calendar — designed and created by Steven Dudley — and track your daily progress: PDF here, Word version here.

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Today’s Writing Quote

“Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.”

— Isabel Allende

Today’s Inspirational Video

Friends, you may be stuck deep in Act Two Blues and may have metaphorically fallen flat on your face with this draft. But do what Ms. Dorniden did: Get up. Move forward. And cross the finish line.

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Today’s Loos Award winner: Justin Major.

This from a Zero Draft Thirty Facebook post:

I’ve been quiet most of this ZD30. I told myself I was going to miss huge chunks of the month with vacations, giant project at work, etc… so I shouldn’t try to start, but watching from the shadows I’m once again amazed and encouraged by everything this group accomplishes and stands for. You can’t go practically a single post without seeing something that makes you want to drop what you’re doing and write a scene, a page, shoot just a line of dialogue or two. Traveling back from vacation Saturday at LAX, JJ Abrams was a couple people behind me in line at Starbucks with, I think his son. I don’t where he was headed, but in my head I thought, “He has done so much and here he is traveling like me and it hasn’t stopped him”. It pushed me to start writing during this ZD30. We write because we don’t know life without it. We write because if we don’t our heads will explode with the untold stories. WRITE ON WORD WARRIORS, WRITE ON!!!
“I want YOU to write your God damn script!”

Justin was inspired by JJ Abrams to leap into the ZD30 Challenge. There’s still 11 days left! What will it take to inspire YOU to type FADE IN?

For that inspiration, today’s recipient of the Anita Loos Award is Justin Major!