2018 Zero Draft Thirty March Challenge: FADE OUT!

FADE IN. FADE OUT. 31 Days. That describes what just transpired in March. Dozens of writers from around the world dove into their script and pounded out a draft. Check out just a handful of tweets:

And over in the Zero Draft Thirty Facebook Group, more of the same. Here’s a sampling:

FADE OUT achieved! I think having a vestigial organ removed at the beginning of the month really unblocked me. Keep going, all! — Rose Jordan

FADE OUT! Oh happy day! — Kim L. Wheeler

Hello fellow #ZD30Script Outlaws, Word Warriors, Zeronauts, et al!

It has been the best month I’ve ever had writing… And I couldn’t have done it without you! Your energy and enthusiasm, your openness and bravado about your process and your writing, spurred (yeehaw) me on! I was able to get the first draft of one script done and 2/3 of another done that I’ve been waiting to tackle for a while! Wow! I even impressed myself — haha!!

So thank you!

May the trails of your writing life meander enough to offer you interesting site lines and valuable detours, and a safe place to rest your head at the end of your riding days. There’s gold awaiting. Onward, Outlaws! — CK Love

Last-Minute Outlaws: Don’t be discouraged! Even if it’s not to FADE OUT, even if it’s not as perfect as you would like, keep on scribbling along!

I joined the FADE OUT crew today at 5:01 PM EST, and my second ever Zero Draft clocked in at 86 pages (not bad for a second outing!). Last year, I didn’t finish on the deadline, even though I eventually finished that Zero Draft and it was just barely 63 pages. It doesn’t matter- it’s a story written, which means it CAN be done and it can be tweaked. You can’t fix what isn’t there: YOU CAN DO IT!! ONWARDS! — Kristen Carbone

90 scenes on scrivener from fade in to fade out. Screenplay pages some usable, some not but all inspirational. Lots and lots of notes. The story is good and has a beginning middle and end.This journey has been on another level, I appreciate all of you who took it with me. Hope to meet some of you at the LSF in September with our completed screenplays.— Giselle Boucher

ReWrite complete, marketing package loaded and locked for pitch in early April! Thanks for all the support and motivational quotes, etc. — Kathleen Wentworth

I did it! I’ve just written FADE OUT at 7:11am UK time on Friday 30th March. I’ve got a 147 page behemoth to deal with, the last 50 pages or so of which I think will make a good 2nd half to a well-edited version, so it’s been hugely worthwhile.

This is the first time I’ve done ZD30 and it’s been truly inspirational, and massively productive. And what an incredibly supportive bunch you all are. Congratulations to ANYONE who has written ANYTHING this month. Sometimes it’s hard to even write a single page, so we should all be proud of whatever we’ve managed to accomplish.

Can’t wait to do it again the next time! — Daniel Tuck

FADE OUT. Yay! Just got there five minutes ago. I have now written the first draft of my first film script. Thank you all for your encouragement in this group. Every step was hard, but I enjoyed it all. I have a games project I need to start on next week so I’m putting this script to one side for a month and will see how it looks when I come back to it then. Also, lots more reading of scripts and learning as much as I can before any rewrite will happen. Thank you again for all your support, even when I wasn’t posting I was still reading all your posts. — Richard Lord

At times I wondered if I would get to FADE OUT this time. Life happens but so does writing. I NEVER get tired of writing FADE OUT! See you at the ZD30 Campfire, drinks and s’mores are on me! Be well, be blessed, be writing!!! — R.m. Elliott

I did it!! After struggling most of the past year to see any of my ideas all the way through to FADE OUT, this challenge was the kick in the pants I needed. Thank you Scott Myers and Zeronauts! — Amy Gentry Falkofske

A hearty congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2018 Zero Draft Thirty March Challenge. If you didn’t reach FADE OUT, no worries. Keep writing! Day by day, stay focused on reaching the end of your draft. Remember it’s a zero draft. It’s not going to be perfect. Screenwriting is an iterative process, by definition it’s writing and rewriting… and rewriting… and rewriting. To get to the rewriting, you have to do the writing… and get to FADE OUT.

Cue Scamper!

If you participated in the 2018 March Challenge, I’d love to read your reflections on the experience.

Mark it on your calendar: September 1, 2018. That is the start date for the 2018 Zero Draft Thirty September Challenge.

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