A Story Idea Each Day for a Month — Day 16

This is the 9th year in a row I’ve run this series in April.

Today’s story: Your future sex robot could be hacked and programmed to murder you.

It’s the year 2097. There you are enjoying the 84th season of House of Cards on your Wi-Fi enabled neural implant when your significant other walks into the room. Sure, she isn’t human, but she sure looks like it, and she has that look in her eye that tells you that she wants to get a little freaky. You float to the bedroom on your hoverboard and are beginning to disrobe when — BOOM — she strangles you to death with her cold robot hands. Your sex robot was hacked and now you’re dead. Welcome to the future.
Image Source: Real Love Dolls

Sex robots, you wonder. Really? Uh, yeah, per this article: We’ll be having sex with robots in next 10 years:

At the time of Roxxxy’s launch in 2010, around 4,000 men placed pre-orders, with a further 20,000 requesting more information.
The company boasts: “She knows your name, your likes and dislikes, can carry on a discussion and expresses her love to you and can be your loving friend. She can talk to you, listen to you and feel your touch.”
The sex doll’s personality uses built-in apps which work like Apple’s Siri speech software to handle a limited level of conversation.
For its female customers TrueCompanion is also working on a male sex robot, Rocky, with options of designer stubble and choice of hair and eye colour and any one of five skin tones.

But what about that whole hacking whacking angle?

“Hackers can hack into a robot or a robotic device and have full control of the connections, arms, legs and other attached tools like in some cases knives or welding devices… Often these robots can be upwards of 200 pounds, and very strong. Once a robot is hacked, the hacker has full control and can issue instructions to the robot. The last thing you want is for a hacker to have control over one of these robots. Once hacked they could absolutely be used to perform physical actions for an advantageous scenario or to cause damage.”

This puts a robotic spin on the femme fatale motif. As far as potential stories go, it could run the gamut from horror or thriller. Or perhaps Season 2 of Westworld:

With that HBO series as a big part of our current culture, it might be time to bust out a different genre for our sex robot gone mad concept: COMEDY!

Walt is a lonely guy. He’s not much to look at. Awkward social skills. Never been good with the opposite sex. Perhaps he is so depressed, Walt harbors self-destructive instincts.

Then the sex robot. Does Walt sell most of his worldly goods to buy one as they hit the market? Or maybe he works at a robotics company and creates one of his own design.

Savannah. That’s what he calls her. And much like Her, he develops an intimate relationship with his robot… including lots of sex.

Life is now wonderful for Walt. He changes his attire to look sexier for Savannah. Starts working out. Develops some self-confidence. A swagger to his walk. So when he meets Alexandra, it’s not surprising the very real, very human woman becomes attracted to Walt.

One problem: The more time Walt spends with Alexandra, the less he devotes to Savannah. And huh. This doesn’t please Savannah.

So she entices Walt to bed… for old’s times sake. Let’s do that choking thing you like…

Walt survives… barely. But now as he tries to woo Alexandra… keep up with his work… move to a new apartment… he’s got a hell bent for revenge sex robot stalking his scared as hell ass.

There you go: My sixteenth story idea for the month. And it’s yours. Free!

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