Daily Dialogue — January 30, 2017

“You tell him… tell him I’m coming. Tell him I’m fucking coming.”

The Limey (1999), written by Lem Dobbs

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Threat, suggested by Angry Cyborg.

Trivia: During filming, Steven Soderbergh was unsure exactly which scenes from Poor Cow (1967) he wanted to use. So he asked Warner Bros. for permission to use the entire film so that he could choose the scenes later. But Warner Bros. refused. Soderbergh told the head of Warner Bros. that he would never make a film for him again. The executive relented and allowed Soderbergh to use any scenes from the film that he wished.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Threats are a staple of revenge movies, a declaration of intent, a clear statement of the character’s Want.

Check out Terence Stamp’s homage to John Wayne strut as he heads back into the warehouse to take vengeance on the men inside.