Daily Dialogue — November 10, 2017

“Take the draw.”

Searching for Bobby Fischer (1994), screenplay by Steve Zaillian, book by Fred Waitzkin

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Competition [Non-Sports], suggested by Denise Garcia.

Trivia: The character of Jonathan Poe (Josh’s young rival) was based on real life young chess prodigy Jeff Sarwer. In the National Primary Championship which the climax of the film is based on, Josh and Jeff actually tied for first place, after which Josh won on tie-breaks. While Sarwer would go on to win the World Championship Under 10, he soon disappeared with his sister and father; the family was known for living a travelling lifestyle (no permanent address, etc.)

Dialogue On Dialogue: It’s such a great moment, the calm before the storm. Josh knows he’s won. His rival thinks he’s won. However, two completely different moods from the boys: Josh willing to share the title, Jonathan intent on winning. A quiet few seconds before a beautifully rhythmic Final Struggle.