Daily Dialogue — November 6, 2016

The sky clears. The waves are still big. The fish are back. And then come the sharks, cutting through the water. Chuck can’t get up to get his spear, he just has to watch as blood darkens the water.

And then the sharks are gone.

Chuck comes to his knees slowly, then a big wave hits. Wilson is swept into the ocean!

For a moment Chuck is uncomprehending. He watches as Wilson slowly floats away.

CHUCK: Please, no sharks.

Then he dives in to the water! Swims frantically after Wilson.

Wilson floats away from him. He swims, but he’s so weak. Finally he gets to Wilson. He reaches out, but only pushes the ball farther away.

It bobs on the waves. Chuck treads water, exhausted.

Where is the raft?

CHUCK: Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Then he turns back the other way. The raft has drifted by him. He can go after Wilson, or he can go after the raft.

CHUCK: Shit! Wilson!

He swims toward the raft, barely moving. No matter how hard he swims, the raft seems to recede from him.

Finally he reaches it, hangs on the side, breathing hard, choking, crying.

He struggles to pull himself on board.

But he is weak, so weak. He can’t do it.

Summoning some primitive reserve of strength, he tries again. This time he slides on.

He lies on the raft, panting.

Then with all his strength he pulls himself to his feet, holds on to the mast, scans the ocean for Wilson.

CHUCK: Wilson!

Nothing but waves.

This is too much. Chuck starts to cry.

Cast Away (2000), written by William Broyles Jr.

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: All Is Lost, suggested by Melinda Mahaffey. Today’s suggestion by Lois Bernard.

Trivia: An early draft of the script had Chuck having two different personalities talking to each other, Good Chuck and Bad Chuck.

Dialogue On Dialogue: A gut-wrenching All Is Lost moment when Chuck loses his ‘friend’ Wilson… a volleyball.