Daily Dialogue — September 30, 2017

ANNIE: Hold on. Take Sepulveda to Slauson to La Brea. Take La Brea north to Sixth into downtown. (on the phone) So what? You’ll be up late. I’m pulling an all-nighter too, so save the tears.
MAX: I’ll take the 105 east to the 110. That’s faster.
ANNIE: What?
MAX: I said, the 105 to the 110, that’ll get you there quicker.
ANNIE: The 110 turns into a parking lot around USC.
MAX: But once you get to La Brea north of Santa Monica, then it’s jammed.
ANNIE: The 110 north of the 10, you get people driving to Pasadena, and they drive slow.|
MAX: Yeah, they do, but what I do is I get off on Grand, and then I… Hey, surface roads is what you want, that’s what we’ll do.
ANNIE: Are we taking bets?
MAX: Are we?
ANNIE: But what if you’re wrong?
MAX: I don’t think I’m gonna be wrong, but if I am, the ride is free.
ANNIE: Okay, you got yourself a deal.

Collateral (2004), written by Stuart Beattie

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Transportation, suggested by Denise Garcia. Today’s recommendation by Gisela Wehrl.

Trivia: On-set, Jamie Foxx accidentally drove his car into Tom Cruise’s. Foxx was bemused to see that the crew immediately rushed to Cruise’s aid first, he being the bigger star.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary by Gisela: “L.A. it’s their hometown and both know it by heart. But Max is a also a master of his job and of words, therefore he will win the bet and will gain Annie’s respect and interest.

The scene is a great example how you can work with status. It changes Max’s role from a servant whom Annie gives orders to while not listening to him — to a interesting conversation partner.”