Free Screenwriting Resource: The Story Behind Script Coverage

Every script that funnels through the Hollywood development system gets ‘covered’. What does this mean? Someone reads it, then writes coverage which in turn accompanies that script up the food chain. Who reads it? There are professional script readers and story analysts who work full-time for agencies or studios, but generally they are free lance, or increasingly interns and assistants, given the job of reading scripts as a form of cost-cutting.

No matter who they are, a writer needs to look at them in this light: Readers are Hollywood’s gatekeepers, the first line of ‘defense’ when it comes to submissions. Therefore it is important for you to understand what they do and how they do it.

That’s why I ran this series: The Story Behind Script Coverage.

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: General Coverage Examples

Part 3: Extended Coverage Examples

A. Loglines

B. Character Breakdowns

C. Synopsis

D. Comments

E. Coverage Questions

F. General Coverage Information

G. How to Write Coverage

H. Primary and Secondary Genres

In addition, go here to read my interview with a longtime script reader D.C. Mar as she breaks down her process, a fascinating glimpse into how a ‘gatekeeper’ operates.

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Each day in October, I’m going to highlight a screenwriting resource available on the blog. Why? Because with over 20,000 posts and 80+ archived topics, I want to make sure readers are aware of the many assets available here for reading and research. And they are all free!

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