Spec Script Deals Data (1991–2017)

Information on over 2,000 spec script deals from the last quarter century now searchable on a spreadsheet.

As I was puttering along the other minding my own business, this tweet pops up on my timeline:

The WRAC Group is a terrific initiative begun by @thegarygraham and @thathennessyguy. WRAC = WRiter ACcountability. You can check out their brand new website here.

Anyhow, about the spreadsheet:

One of the many things that Scott Myers provides for screenwriters over at his website Go Into The Story is a yearly listing of spec script deals data. Over the past month, several writers here in The WRAC Group went through all of that data and combined it into one large spreadsheet to make it easy for screenwriters to search.
You can check out the spreadsheet on Google Sheets here.
Thanks for everything that you do for screenwriters, Scott!
(The WRAC members who contributed to the spreadsheet: @AlexisAdkins, @pm5150 , @DebbieBMoon , @LindsayMcRae ,@Cilly247, @JasonCKillpack , @mizmulligan , @pkthewriter , @MarkWalker_UK, @MeganKBickel , @jmelikidse, @jimmytwiz , @Mo_Mata , @ThatHennessyGuy.)

Let’s say you want to find out how many spec scripts Madhouse Entertainment or Verve have been involved with in the last 5 years.

Or aggregate all of the action spec scripts back to 1991 to check out their loglines to kick start generating story concepts.

You can do that with this new resource.

Of course, you can still access my original posts: The Definitive Spec Script Deals List (1991–2017).

Also there’s the detailed analysis I’ve done on all the spec script deals covered here at Go Into The Story during the last 10 years:

2008 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2009 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2010 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2011 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2012 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2013 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2014 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2015 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2016 Spec Script Deals Analysis
2017 Spec Script Deals Analysis

The point is between my site and this new WRAC spreadsheet, we have a TON of information about 2,000+ spec script deals from the last quarter century. And that is a resource you can use for research, creative inspiration, or just taking a fun trip down Hollywood’s memory lane.

How about giving a shout out to the WRAC gang, especially the folks who toiled away creating the Spec Script Deals Data Spreadsheet (1991–2017).