The Toughest Scene I Wrote: “Sicario”

Once again, Vulture does screenwriters a solid:

Vulture is speaking to the screenwriters behind 2015’s most acclaimed movies about the scenes they found most difficult to crack.

In this article about the movie Sicario, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan explains the challenges inherent in a key sex scene, and how he and director Denis Villenueve addressed them:

In terms of a specific scene, the one in the bar really tested me. That bar is based on a real one in Arizona, where they have a mechanical bull and all these pro-rodeo guys go there and practice. You feel like it’s this island of Americana surrounded by these suburban shopping malls. There was originally a lot of dialogue between Kate and Reggie (Daniel Kaluuya) about the sadness of that reality. Then Kate meets Ted (Jon Bernthal), and they have sex outside the bar.
But the whole bar scene was too expensive of a sequence — like 14 pages total. So Denis and producers asked, “Can you take those 14 pages and condense them into six?” Also, is there a way we could shoot the rape scene on a soundstage?

For the rest of the article, go here. Kudos to Vulture for this annual series which puts the spotlight on screenwriters.

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