Word Cloud Logline Challenge: Last Chance!

May 10th, 2013 by

Last December we ran the Black List 2012 Word Cloud Logline Challenge which was hugely popular, witness these posts here and here. Come this December, we’ll probably do the same thing. But with The Quest Initiative submission period beginning May 22, I figured this would be a good time for folks to flex their logline muscles.

So here is a Word Cloud using the loglines for all of the spec scripts that have sold thus far in 2013.

The challenge: Come up with an entertaining logline using some of the key words in this Word Cloud.

Prize: Five lucky winners will win a free enrollment in my upcoming 1-week online screenwriting class Write a Worthy Nemesis. Plus 1 free month hosting of a script on the new Black List site for the five winners.

Who decides the winner: None other than Max Millimeter: Hollywood Movie Producer Extraordinaire. If you don’t know who Max is and what his tastes in movies are, you can go here to read the comments he made in selecting the winners of last year’s Black List 2012 Word Cloud Logline Challenge.

My advice to you: Make your loglines entertaining. Max has a really short attention span.


Here is the Word Cloud:

130506 Word Cloud

Use some of the words in the Word Cloud to create a unique, interesting and entertaining logline.

Deadline: Friday, May 10 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time [U.S.].

Winners announced Sunday, May 12.

Good luck!

To see the Day 1 entries, go here.

To see the Day 2 entries, go here.

To see Day 3 entries, go here.

NOTE: Maximum points given for using actual words / themes from the Word Cloud. Plus don’t forget that Max gave a special Kitchen Sink Award last year to the writer who came up with the craziest, most comprehensive Word Cloud logline. Can’t guarantee he’ll do the same thing this year, but it’s worth a try.

Also you can submit as MANY loglines as you like, not restricted to one.

So have fun!

46 thoughts on “Word Cloud Logline Challenge: Last Chance!

  1. Kirkusm says:

    A French reclusive outlaw mistakes an ex-cop from Hudson for the love of her life in NOTHING’S SECRET.

  2. Alan D. says:

    Six prominent chefs engage in battles to determine who can transform their family into something delicious without detection.

    Soylent Green 2: New World

  3. Daniel Cossu says:

    A young American writer begins a new life in 60s London where she befriends a prominent stage actor who takes her under his wing. After she is unwittingly drawn into the British underworld filled with drugs, sex trafficking and murder, she is forced to revisit the life she left behind and confront her own secret criminal past.

  4. When a mysterious writer befriends four scientists on a business trip to Bermuda, the intelligent men band together to locate a secret city but learn they might be risking their lives. The five discover an underwater world containing missing boats, a deadly infiltration tank, and a missile detection system that battles everything a prominent book covering the Bermuda Triangle says about the mythology.

    When a mysterious story by writer Agatha Christie hits the desk of a prominent American agent and book editor, the young man discovers how her desperate cry for love led her to frame her husband as a deadly player in a secret band of intelligent outlaws and terrorists who held her, a missing French boy, and the kid of a British cop captive.

    When artificial intelligence leads a British scientist and his half-British academic-book-editor son to be mistaken for troops in Afghanistan by a knife-wielding French outlaw desperate to locate his new fiancé, they are forced to choose—meet their death as two free men held captive in a deadly city or hide inside an American infiltration tank to shy away from detection for five days.

  5. Daniel Cossu says:

    At the dawn of the American invasion, the Afghanistan national cricket team is thrown a curveball when their star player is mistaken for a terrorist and taken to a secret location. Desperate to prove his innocence they band together with a sports-loving British intelligence officer and a young French writer covering the Taliban uprising. Now they have six days to locate the captive while navigating their war-torn city and avoiding detection by the troops, risking their lives to set him free and make it to the World Cup in time.

  6. Mark Walker says:

    When something secret goes missing a mysterious female must stop at nothing to take it back.

  7. TheQuietAct says:

    Secret, 60s scientists infiltrate and spoil battles with their god-like DJ set, moves and music.
    Their deadly hits blaze a new electronic World order; be free and love.

  8. TheQuietAct says:

    Six young traders are sent through the World to locate a missing magic cup.
    They left in troops, in boats, in planes.
    And a tank.
    Relationships are compromised. They are called a name. Something has sex with the shy German.
    Confused after tragic events, they are falling into debt.
    Five run back home to discover the story wasn’t clear.
    Nothing is missing.

  9. Mark Walker says:

    After 6 years away a reclusive family return to their old city home in 60s America to try and save their way of life after the tragic death of their young boy in mysterious circumstances.

  10. A young American scientist sets a British family free from mysterious terrorists in the Bermuda.

  11. churnage says:

    Dipping my toe into the madness…

    When a truss worn by a famous 60s DJ is stolen by a group of academic terrorists, an outlaw ex-cop and a reclusive Brit sex author team up to expose a conspiracy of compromised scientists who plan on enslaving the free world with electronic music.

  12. A shy young man battles British scientists, a mysterious ex-cop, a knife-wielding editor from Bermuda, and his own hidden desires to save the family business, a music store in the mega-mall.

  13. wollem says:

    Reclusive Agatha must infiltrate the Secret Order of Female Scientists in order save a single half-British ex-cop who is her only
    hope to locate her kid brother and his tragic boy band, Compromised French Terrorists, missing for weeks after playing a mysterious set at a crime book convention in Bermuda.

  14. churnage says:

    When an outlaw ex-cop is framed for the death of a compromised Afghanistan intelligence agent, he must battle a group of deadly 60s terrorists, a knife-wielding German DJ and a desperate criminal to clear his name.

  15. A young and wayward writer discovers a secret world in which financial traders from prominent American businesses use magic, enslaving Death itself, and in effect control events in international trade.

    1. TheQuietAct says:

      Trent I think this is worth exploring!

  16. An intelligence agent calls in a debt, forcing an American gumshoe living in London to locate and free a French scientist taken captive by a secret organization.

  17. brad_sweet says:

    In a tragic future world where advanced artificial intelligences programmed by German data scientists have forced humans out of the book business by churning out algorithmic hits, a shy young American female former book editor befriends a former British literary agent in London and convinces him to risk everything to help her discover the secret location of a reclusive French writer who was once the master of the psychological thriller genre but who mysteriously went missing five years ago. Upon finding him in Bermuda their desperate pleas convince the man that he must go back to his traditional typewriter to write one last story that can save the writing profession by winning a prominent academic contest the electronic programs have dominated the past six years. Everything depends on the writer as he begins to type feverishly, re-enacting his former magic in conjuring the rarest of talents for one last blaze of glory. As the days go by it also becomes clear that not only is the attractive single editor falling for him, but that he desires to take a fresh shot at love in a new relationship.

  18. Erica R Maier says:

    When he is mistaken for a prominent missing actor, a secret agent must undergo a sex transformation to avoid being compromised.

    1. TheQuietAct says:

      An extreme Face Off springs to mind Erica.

      1. Erica R Maier says:

        Haha, true! 😉

  19. HERnia: When a magic truss transforms a traditional business man in his 60s into a young female sex worker, he is forced to re-examine his beliefs about relationships, men, love, sex, everything!

    1. TheQuietAct says:

      Ah a journey of discovery Barbara, I like it.

  20. kellydomara says:

    A desperate young cop never imagined the search for his missing brother would lead him into a secret world, where he’s forced to take on a troop of knife-wielding editors. He discovers they’ll stop at nothing to get the next Great American story — even if it polls better with someone’s death: his.

  21. brad_sweet says:

    Long Arm of the Law

    A young American ex-cop who lost an arm while assigned to train cops in Afghanistan is visiting a mega-mall with his kid brother and fiancé when he is forced to confront a knife-wielding criminal with nothing but his metallic prosthetic arm to protect his family. His selflessness in risking his own life to spoil what could have been a deadly tragedy inspires a mysterious German scientist to offer to make a series of free electronic and mechanical upgrades to his prosthetic that give him artificially fast reflexes and strength, just in time to be ready for a desperate battle with terrorists who are attempting to kidnap a visiting British prince.

  22. LONDON BRIDGE: A prominent British DJ has 48 hours to choose between music or love when his fiance – an American intelligence agent – is forced to go on the lam after she takes the hit for a compromised secret operation in Afghanistan.

  23. jinachan says:

    When a creature out of British mythology battles an uprising of god-like German elves over enslaving all humans, reclusive half-British academic Agatha Truss and her American family are forced to use a mysterious magic book.

  24. theurbanhobo says:

    When his half-British book editor goes missing at an American mega-mall, a god-like, reclusive French writer types a secret story about knife-wielding German scientists in order to help law enforcement locate and save the young man before the terrorists holding him captive take boats to Bermuda and make enslaving prominent British men traditional.

  25. Edward Nieh says:

    When a shy, reclusive young business man is held captive by a confused, knife-wielding female criminal for sex, he enters a transformation and begins to discover his own deadly desires.

  26. A female ex-cop turned gumshoe on the lam after she is framed for the death of a German scientist, must turn to a secret agent who owes her a debt, and together they must stop the terrorists responsible.

  27. A teacher at the American School in London befriends a reclusive British outlaw writer, and undergoes a transformation when she discovers that love can be triggered by something as simple as a book.

  28. The New World Order called. They want their secret book back.

  29. corlando says:

    A young editor discovers a god-like artificial intelligence controlling the inner workings of a mega-mall.

  30. When a young boy discovers Aphrodites little black book, he unwittingly becomes the target of God-like creatures of mythology, desperate to locate it.

  31. Saint 716 says:

    In Bermuda, a shy young writer must steal a tank and infiltrate a secret American mega-mall to set her brother free before the terrorist uprising.

  32. corlando says:

    A reclusive ex-cop mistakens a shy writer as the brother of a knife-wielding outlaw on the lam.

  33. A deadly school blaze. Six young lives lost. When a grieving father and prominent city businessman promises five million dollars in exchange for the arsonist’s death by day’s end, a female ex-cop-turned-outlaw has six hours to clear her name and locate the true criminal in order to save her own life.

  34. Saint 716 says:

    Mistaken for a writer, a young criminal from London must find her former fiance, an ex-cop, before a knife-wielding German actor collects her debt…in blood.

  35. Mark Walker says:

    When a shy kid befriends a missing artificial intelligence, framed for the tragic death of the scientists that created it, she is forced to go on the run, risking her own life, in an attempt to clear its name and put everything back in order.

  36. KBotts says:

    After discovering a German DJ’s electronic music contains a secret bit about enslaving humans for a new world order, five school kids must infiltrate a mega-mall and stop the uprising before the crimes begin.

  37. In an alternate reality of the 60s, a hugely popular British boy band uses their fame and music to infiltrate the intelligence community and save German-occupied London.

    1. Well, all my clocks said I still had 3 minutes till midnight when I posted that. Oh, well!

  38. Saint 716 says:

    A shy British actor schools terrorists in Afghanistan on sex and relationships and begins to discover that love can be magic, desires can be deadly.

  39. Scott says:

    Submission period now CLOSED!

    I hope to be able to wrangle Max’s decisions on 5 winners by Sunday night.

    Thanks to all who participated!

    Now onto The Quest Initiative! Submission start date: Wednesday, May 22.

  40. A god-like young man forced to discover single life must locate a secret metallic book, or face a knife wielding band of scientists in the 60s.

    I tried posting this the other day, but the site was flipping out. I posted a slightly abridged version on the Blacklist Twitter, so you can see I’m not trying to josh you!

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