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Last December we ran the Black List 2012 Word Cloud Logline Challenge which was hugely popular, witness these posts here and here. Come this December, we’ll probably do the same thing. But with The Quest Initiative submission period beginning May 20, I figured this would be a good time for folks to flex their logline muscles.

So here is a Word Cloud using the loglines for all of the spec scripts that have sold thus far in 2013.

The challenge: Come up with an entertaining logline using some of the key words in this Word Cloud.

Prize: Five lucky winners will win a free enrollment in my upcoming 1-week online screenwriting class Write a Worthy Nemesis.

Who decides the winner: None other than Max Millimeter: Hollywood Movie Producer Extraordinaire. If you don’t know who Max is and what his tastes in movies are, you can go here to read the comments he made in selecting the winners of last year’s Black List 2012 Word Cloud Logline Challenge.

My advice to you: Make your loglines entertaining. Max has a really short attention span.

Here is the Word Cloud:

130506 Word Cloud

Use some of the words in the Word Cloud to create a unique, interesting and entertaining logline.

Deadline: Friday, May 10 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time [U.S.].

Winners announced Sunday, May 12.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The prizes just got better. Franklin is offering 1 free month hosting of a script on the new Black List site for the five winners. Just waiting for Nate Winslow to throw in some Ginsu knives to round out the deal!

54 thoughts on “Word Cloud Logline Challenge!

  1. Debbie Moon says:

    Okay, here we go:

    A knife-wielding gumshoe and five prominent German scientists discover a mysterious, god-like crime: a missing city…

  2. Things turn deadly after a young British gumshoe, six compromised French ex-cops, and a half-British German befriend a god-like American academic (60s) and discover the secret of truss sex.

    1. I’d just like to say that… If the size of the font suggests the frequency of use of those words, I have NO idea how it is that (apparently) at least 2 specs sold so far this year have used in their loglines the word “Truss”.

  3. A young, half-British, female editor, framed for the mysterious death of her brother, goes on the lam to London and the man assigned to locate her is her former fiance, a reclusive ex-cop turned gumshoe.

  4. Despina says:

    A secret group of scientists are sent to Bermuda to infiltrate a city of deadly artificial humans.

    A British intelligence agent befriends a reclusive outlaw holding a prominent business man captive inside a tank.

    A mysterious young female’s secret is compromised when a knife-wielding criminal attacks her family.

    A shy DJ saves the world with music.

    …how many can we do? I could go on all night 😉

  5. JoeAlbanese says:

    A knife-wielding kid befriends a magic scientist and an electronic cop to stop the deadly mega-mall terrorists from turning his school half-british and forcing them to call elevators “lifts”.

  6. Agatha discovers a mysterious book containing tragic events set five days in the future

  7. A young writer, desperate to break writers block, kidnaps a DJ only to discover he’s an ex-cop turned criminal.

  8. A young DJ, who still lives at home, begins to exhibit God-like music abilities when he discovers a mysterious electronic device.

  9. write_light says:

    Outlawed desires blaze when six female “brothers” from Afghanistan befriend a desperate young writer in New London.

  10. A desperate artificial actor breaks the three laws of robotics to save AGATHA, his shy French boat fiancé, when a British writer decides to turn her into a tank.

  11. A shy academic goes on the run from a criminal business man, when he’s mistaken for his missing brother the “Mega-Mall King.”

  12. TheRealGong says:

    A mysterious god-like kid is enslaving all the scientists and engineers in the city of London in order to build him the world’s first functioning accredited magic school, but a young group of American elite troops and a reclusive British DJ attempt to spoil the boy’s plans before his power distorts all of reality.

  13. Future German troops, in a re-enactment, set everything Hudson loves ablaze. Desperate, he depends on London’s criminal agents, including his ex-academic brother.

    British (and shy half-British) scientists must spoil France’s Sex World Order.

    Prominent business man discovers family life inside 60’s Afghanistan.

    Something begins.

    Outlaw-enslaving cops’ mistaken desires make an artificial terrorist: Agatha Metallic.

    Traditional DJ befriends young, magic editor.

  14. Ekistomancer says:

    In future German Afghanistan, an outlaw writer named Nothing and his estranged criminal brother Agatha are forced by desperate American troops to locate a secret city of godlike knife-wielding French scientists. It’s a story of love, family, relationships, and a mysterious (and mistaken) artificial mythology.

  15. When London is held captive by mysterious terrorists, an ex-cop must partner with the artificial intelligence cop who replaced him in order to save the city.

  16. Troy Guze says:

    A shy, desperate outlaw befriends magic boats and battles a tank with god-like moves to save the rarest metallic cup in London.

  17. hoernsch says:

    Discovering that a mysterious band of terrorists has compromised ‘Operation Agatha’, a joint military exercise involving American, British, German and French troops, a young boy and a reclusive ex-cop must free the kid’s brother – a traumatized tank veteran of the Afghanistan war – from the enslaving numbness of his psychological scars, in order to prevent a bloodbath.

  18. ccirene says:

    Prominent but reclusive British Academic, John, abandons his business in Bermuda when he befriends Agatha, a beautiful French DJ, attending an electronic music event. But his romance turns deadly when he is mistaken as an accomplice to her ex-cop brother on the run from a band of knife-wielding men because he has intelligence about German scientists connected to a secret criminal network. In order to save his own life and reputation, John must infiltrate the network in London to uncover a debt dating back to the 60’s and in the process discover the truth about the woman he desires.

  19. Mario says:

    Six female sex workers band together to locate a magic dildo from French mythology for financial gain, discovering unlikely relationships and friendships. Things turn desperate as a knife-wielding pimp and mysterious god-like forces causes a tragic death threatening to tear their artificial family apart.

  20. Mario says:

    Set in the 60s a young academic mistakenly finds himself part of a deadly uprising in his school. The clock is ticking as troops battles students and he must save the love of his life, Agatha, and locate his missing kid brother before the tanks roll in.

  21. Four young scientists encounter a knife-wielding German man in the future, only to find out that he’s a half-British Secret Agent framed for a crime he didn’t commit. They agree to help him infiltrate a mysterious terrorist group in Bermuda to locate his missing family that is being held captive before he is discovered.

  22. pointbreak says:

    A black outlaw battling psychological sex addiction befriends a white German ex-con single Mother in 60s Alabama during the height of the American race troubles. When her disgraced ex-cop brother discovers the truth, the two outlaw lovers go on a tragic lam across bluegrass USA, chasing love, desire and the freedom to live like human beings.

  23. A traditional tragic British actor must infiltrate the business world in order to clear the debt of his young and desperate brother.

  24. Alan D. says:

    In the 60s, a reclusive outlaw jeweler & his German dachshund travel through a tornado-ridden Kansas to deliver rings for his brother: A man involved with the first prominent inter-racial engagement within the state.

  25. mgb1985 says:

    To clear a debt an ex-cop befriends a metallic boy to locate a missing city with god-like troops.

  26. Ryan Decaria says:

    A British boy band, playing their first gig in Tokyo, must run for their lives when all of the school-girls become infected with a mysterious virus, turning them into deadly, sex-crazed maniacs.

  27. Glenn Smith says:

    Young troops searching for Osama Bin Laden, discover a metallic man buried in a cave in Afghanistan.

    American intelligence agent befriends young terrorists framed for deadly blaze in 60’s London.

  28. Magic Terrorists take back future-crime.

  29. Liri Nàvon says:

    A shy man mistaken for a player befriends a sex-crazed French girl on a flight to London.

  30. Young academic terrorists must invent future German mythology in Afghanistan to save Agatha from having sex with her brother.

  31. Mark Walker says:

    A god-like artificial intelligence goes on the lam after discovering that the reclusive scientists who created it are planning to send it into the future to infiltrate a mysterious British Mega-Mall run by deadly terrorists.

  32. Mark Walker says:

    A half-British, French Gumshoe befriends a magic DJ to locate a mysterious German ex-cop with a secret business selling magic, electronic music that frees human desires.

  33. Five terrorists – posing as traders – infiltrate a British investment bank to trigger a global economic meltdown. When a female hacker discovers their plan, she teams up with an ambitious blog editor to profit from the plot before they expose it.

  34. Lence1818 says:

    A young outlaw begins a relationship with a shy and reclusive writer. Desperate to help his secret love’s tragic career, he robs a mega-mall, infiltrates a terrorists’ home, and befriends a prominent editor (after coming to an enslaving compromise), to help her get the perfect story she desires.

  35. matthewkane says:

    In a future where scientists outlaw sex, a school re-enactment of the 60s music world is mistaken for a criminal uprising. A boy and his single-“man” (artificial intelligence) metallic-electronic band must locate a reclusive DJ to discover the mysterious secret that could set love free.

  36. Shaula Evans says:

    When undercover deadly female sex terrorists from Afghanistan infiltrate the American music scene, a reclusive intelligence officer must lead a band of five crime-fighting ex-cop folk singers to prevent the 60s from happening all over again.

  37. Mario says:

    During a vacation on a new mega-mall plane a family man must team together with his estranged ex-cop brother when German terrorist hijack the plane and capture his shy kid. They must avoid capture and stop the terrorists before the plane hits London.

  38. A cheating actor’s Bermuda shorts modelling contract is compromised when his jealous fiance swaps his artificial left leg for an egg cup with a kid. He has to persuade a god-like DJ to play at the kid’s birthday to get the leg back in time for the shoot.

  39. John Thomas says:

    A confused half-British actor accidentally infiltrates an artificial family of terrorists after risking electronic sex with his desperate fiancee held captive in an on-line mega-mall. But when he’s mistaken by cops for a deadly German love scientist, he’s forced to befriend an amused band of French academic criminals to clear his prominent name.

  40. Scott says:

    Good work, people. Maximum points given for using actual words / themes from the Word Cloud. Plus don’t forget that Max gave a special Kitchen Sink Award last year to the writer who came up with the craziest, most comprehensive Word Cloud logline. Can’t guarantee he’ll do the same thing this year, but it’s worth a try.

    Also you can submit as MANY loglines as you like, not restricted to one.

    So have fun!

    1. Barny says:

      At a writers-retreat near Shakespeares birthplace, a pathologically perfectionistic german poet decides to kill himself when he realizes, he is not god-like and will therefore never write a perfect poem. Unfortunately, this leaves him with an even bigger task: write the perfect suicide note. His american roommate, editor of various psychological self-help books, steps in – and he is VERY confident that he can get the desperate man back on track and help him finish his mysterious work-in-progress.

  41. rdlln says:

    An FBI agent and an ex-cop must find and stop several knife-wielding terrorists set to unleash something deadly in an American mega-mall.

  42. Tomas says:

    Anheliz, a young French woman with god like intelligence discovers a young American man with similar skills and intelligence is training Afghani terrorists to think like the hero Achilles substituting Paris for Troy as the target of their training but his real focus is to enslave all women everywhere. Anheliz was told as a young student that she had a twin half brother that was kidnapped on a family trip to America when she was an infant.

  43. An artificial female Dj Agatha must save uprising French actor in mysterious electronic metallic London.

  44. andrew_yoo91 says:

    A desperate, shy American writer is forced to clear a family debt with a sex-crazed, female British cop, by enslaving six, half-British boy troops left for dead by a secret, future German ex-cop captive in a magic city called “Agatha” – for LIFE. Or get free…

    Tag line: “Where nothing begins and everything goes missing…”

  45. Mario says:

    Set five days after a famous American trader’s mysterious and tragic death an editor for a reclusive writer discovers a secret book containing the specific events covering the trader’s tragic downfall. Risking his life he infiltrates the financial world but finds himself framed for the death. He soon befriends a female cop and must clear his name and uncover the global conspiracy.

  46. Mario says:

    A prominent young American academic desires a sex worker while conducting a psychological study on French sex rituals in the 1860’s. Risking everything he begins a relationship and gets lost in the deadly world of love, secrets, law, debt and battles. Can he get free before the boats leave for home?

  47. A young family mounts a desperate attempt to escape from the Bermuda Triangle.

  48. MDCisME says:

    A young man in Afghanistan discovers a secret artificial intelligence enslaving American troops.

  49. A DJ is recruited by the British Intelligence to infiltrate London’s criminal underground.

  50. A long-suffering wife of an ex-cop discovers love with her reclusive brother-in-law.

  51. MDCisME says:

    @Aurora Campton Clark, I really like yours. It has the built in audience of guys 12-25 and if handled right, could be as raw as Se7en but still pg-13.


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