Screenwriting 101: Jon Boyer

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Screenwriting 101: Albert Brooks

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Screenplay“I got so good at writing to a budget, my brain was restricting myself. I’d write, It’s a stormy night. Then I’d cross out stormy. I’d write: It’s a calm night. Then I’d cross out night. It’s noon. Because you know how much night costs. You know how much rain costs. Nothing comes free in movies.”

— Albert Brooks

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Screenwriting 101: Mike Sweeney

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Screenwriting 101: Martin Scorsese

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“The films that I constantly revisit have held up for me over the years not because of plot but because of character.”

— Martin Scorsese

Screenwriting 101: John Gary

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“A movie is about an emotional struggle. The physical struggle is a manifestation of that.”

— John Gary

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Screenwriting 101: Scott Derrickson

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Screenwriting 101: William Goldman

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“Screenplays don’t have to read like an instruction manual for a refrigerator. You can write them as a pleasurable read.”

— William Goldman

Screenwriting 101: Terry Rossio

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“Plot problems are always character solutions.”

Terry Rossio

Screenwriting 101: Damien Chazelle

March 29th, 2016 by

Screenplay“I know my strengths, and I know my weaknesses… I’m very good at sitting around and brainstorming, thinking up ideas and mapping them out in my head. What I’m not good at is getting them onto a piece of paper or a computer screen.

Everything is a little more perfect in your head. Once you have to start making concrete choices—one word over another or one name over another or one color over another–then suddenly everything gets worse.

The process of actually putting stuff onto paper is almost always a really, really tough one. There are moments of exhilaration when you’re shooting on set, and while editing. Editing is maybe my favorite part of the entire process. Writing is the worst. I do that in order to be able to get on set.

I also come at it from the point of view of someone who’s going to direct, so it’s a little bit different. The end goal is always in my mind. I think truly great writers–whether they’re screenwriters or novelists or poets, it doesn’t matter—are able to make something that stands alone. You can read a William Goldman script and have as full an experience as you would watching the movie that results. I aspire to that level of craft as a writer, but I don’t think I quite achieve it.”

— Damien Chazelle

Screenwriting 101: Nora Ephron

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“Don’t write what they want, they don’t know what they want, just make it GOOD.”

— Nora Ephron